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One wrong move, and you’re a goner. Make your next step CompuLaw Vision. TM Are you still doing your case law research by hand? Still checking books to determine whether or not a case has been overruled? Then why are you still relying on hand-calculated deadlines? Calendar/deadline related errors are the leading cause of malpractice claims!* Don’t put yourself or your firm at risk—get on solid ground with the Vision calendar/docket and matter management system from CompuLaw. When rules change, Vision automatically adjusts your dates as needed. Vision has built-in court rules databases for automatic and accurate date calculations. More than 1,500 databases are available, covering jurisdictions in all 50 states—the largest, national library of rules available anywhere. Vision is also the only rules-based system that offers complete holiday tables. Vision offers unparalleled convenience and security. Your calendar can be synchronized to Exchange,® GroupWise® Outlook,® or Lotus Notes.® 24/7 access to your calendar anywhere you have Internet connectivity. And Vision’s Live UpdateTM and downloads rule updates. 200 firms. Contact us for more information or a demo. The Vision Web Portal provides automatically identifies CompuLaw products are the most widely used rules-based calendaring solutions for ILTA and AmLawTM (800) 444-0020 | Protect your clients. Protect your firm. Use CompuLaw. *According to the most recent ABA Study. Copyright © 2009 CompuLaw LLC, all rights reserved. CompuLaw® US patents 7,171,416, 7,302,433, 7,580,937, and foreign patent 2002330911. Other US and foreign patents pending. is a registered trademark of CompuLaw LLC.

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