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March 2011

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Enterprise in the by Barry Keno T he time has come for a shift in IT’s stance from “attorneys will work with the tools we provide” to “find a way to make new tools work within our environment.” As technology makes strides to support the legal industry, and attorneys are utilizing new technologies early in their careers, attorneys are becoming the experts on what tools they need, and they’re taking their practice on the go. But it’s not just the attorneys. Everyone wants to work with the latest technology for the myriad benefits it provides. More people are embracing new technologies for personal use, and they’re expecting firms to take advantage of the same tools — from MacBooks and iPhones to Kindles and Google calendars. This presents law firms with some tough questions: With the ever-evolving and expanding use of personal and consumer technology, what should IT departments support? What is in the best interest of the firm, the IT department and attorneys and staff? Embracing Consumer Technology Law Firm 40 Peer to Peer

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