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Another popular area is downstream from Tilden Bridge south of Blackfoot. Here there are many large springs that en- ter the Snake. Further south you enter the Shoshone Indian Reservation where, for a fee, you can fish the world class Spring Creek. The number of rods is limited so you need reservations. The Blackfoot River east of the town of Blackfoot also provides some excellent fishing, and the area above Blackfoot Res- ervoir is becoming a favorite because the Idaho Fish & Game Department is develop- ing it as a trophy fishery. For the lake fly fisher, Chesterfield and 24-Mile reservoirs provide excellent fisher- ies. The latter is a trophy fishery with a 20-inch minimum, so it can provide some particularly exciting fishing. Roughly 120 miles to the northwest of Idaho Falls is Silver Creek and the famous Sun Valley area of Idaho. This is the historical domain of Ernest Hemmingway. The Nature Conservancy section of Silver Creek is the most popular. With catch-and- release regulations the fishery remains high quality. Silver Creek is a spring creek that is formed from three other spring creeks of which Loving Creek is a favorite. Last but not least is the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park. Just 80 miles northeast of Idaho Falls, this area is perfect for the adventuresome travelers who enjoy hiking through pristine lodgepole forests. A prime attraction in this area is the Bechler River, a large spring creek that contains big but very wary fish. This is “graduate school” for the fly fisher. Named for the geographer of the 1878 Hayden expedition, Bechler Meadows is one of the most challenging places you will fish. Obviously the region abounds in fly- fishing opportunities...far more than can be described here. Consequently, your basic strategy begins with a visit to a fly shop. The staff there can identify where the action is, what hatches are occurring, and which patterns have proven effective. This is a must for novice and expert alike. The fly shops in Idaho Falls keep their thumb on the pulse of the entire region and can point you in the direction of a unique quality angling experience--and that’s what it’s all about. FLY FISHING GUIDE SERVICES AND FLY SHOPS In Idaho Falls, there are two specialty fly shops, All Seasons Angler, 208-524-7160, and Hyde Fly Fishing Outfitters, 800-444-4933. In addition to a full array of equipment, clothing, and flies, Hyde also arranges guiding services. On the South Fork you can contact the South Fork Outfitters, 208-483-7052 and The Lodge at Palisades, 208-483-2222 in Swan Valley. Near the Henrys Fork in Ashton, you can contact Fall River Fly & Tackle, 208-652-7646 and Idaho Irresistables Fly & Tackle, 208-652-7269. Further up on the Henrys Fork, the following shops provide guiding services out of Island Park in addition to flies, clothing, and equipment: Henrys Fork Anglers, 208-558-7525, Hyde Fly Fishing Outfitters, 800-428-8338, and Trouthunter, 208-558-9900. VISITIDAHOFALLS.COM 37

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