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ATTRACTIONS INTO NATURE’S GARDEN THE SNAKE RIVER GREENBELT OFFERS A TREASURE CHEST OF NATURAL WONDERS The term “Greenbelt” pops up on many municipal maps throughout the country, but good luck ever finding one that really lives up to the name. One notable excep- tion is the looping track around the Snake River in the heart of Idaho Falls. The city’s Greenbelt has become an icon to the area where generous landscaping adorns the river’s edge. And it is here, of course, that the “falls” in Idaho Falls puts on a beautiful show of cascades, rapids and beautifully contoured diversions. Visitors to the falls can enjoy the sights and sounds of the area while walking, jogging, pedaling or rollerblading around the paved pathway looping around the river. Picnicking, relaxing and watching the ducks and geese lining the waterway are great getaways from the business of work and travel. Hard—but not impossible—to miss, it is located just off of the downtown area and is adjacent to accommodating hotels and charming views of the city. In addition to being a superb place to spend an afternoon, the Greenbelt also hosts a variety of activities and shows throughout the year. Front row seats for a spectacular fireworks show on the Fourth of July can be found along this section of the Snake. PHOTOS BY STEVE SMEDE / IDAHO FALLS MAGAZINE 16 IDAHO FALLS VISITORS GUIDE 2010

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