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ILTA White Paper Social Networking 12 O ne of the biggest challenges facing legal technology professionals is the question of what to do about social media, both inside and outside the firm. On the one hand, it's a fact that we now live in a Twitter world, where social media is rapidly becoming an integral part of everyone's daily life, including that of attorneys. On the other hand, it's also true that the standard business model of the legal profession is under pressure like never before; and when budgets are tight and headlines are screaming about the death of the billable hour, it's difficult to go before a partner committee and argue for investing in social media. Indeed, many senior managers may see social media as a fad. Legal marketing expert Larry Bodine recently wrote, "After months of using Twitter, I've learned that it is a shouting post for relentless self- chris Yeh PBworks Building the Business Case for Social Media Lessons Learned from Web 2.0

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