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member resources Product Announcements BEC Legal Systems announced the availability of LegalBar 4.7. LegalBar is a Microsoft Word add-in solution that addresses the document production and formatting needs of law firms. It encourages the use of Firm Styles, Templates and Clause Libraries. LegalBar 4.7 provides a new, improved Template Organizer with enhancements to Document Cleanup and Numbering. In addition, LegalBar now integrates with CoreRelate (SQL) to generate and save Author preferences. BigHand launched its most innovative and powerful new version, BigHand 4.2. The new features and enhancements have been developed in consultation with clients through a series of user group meetings, in order to reduce end-user training time, increase accuracy and improve the usability of speech recognition for law firms. BigHand 4.2 is a significant step forward in making speech recognition accessible to all types of lawyers and an even more viable productivity technology for law firms. Biscom announced that it has launched an iPad app for its secure file transfer software. The Biscom iPad app allows for the same secure and auditable delivery of documents provided by Biscom for the enterprise, but with additional features for mobile use. C2C has upgraded its full suite of products for simplifying email and PST file management. Email data and PST container files pose a significant risk to organizations involved in litigation or compliance matters. C2C's solutions reduce the risk involved with preserving email data for legal holds and simplify the collection of that data, even without first migrating it into an email archive. Capensys Intelligent Learning, which has training teams both in Europe and the U.S., announced their international offering comprising multilingual e-learning, quick reference guides, marketing material and trainers capable of delivering training in foreign languages. E-learning, assessments and training scripts/user guides are available for Office 2010, FileSite, NetDocuments, Workshare, Acrobat, and many more. They also offer consultancy services around foreign language training strategies and implementation. Hot Neuron LLC announced the release of version 3.0 of its Clustify software, featuring the ability to analyze documents stored in virtually any database and export cluster information back into the database as additional columns that can be used by many review platforms and e-discovery tools. Clustify groups related documents into labeled clusters, providing an overview of the document set and allowing the user to review and categorize related documents together for greater efficiency and consistency. IPRO Tech, Inc. announced the release of IPRO Allegro 3.0. This latest release of the early case assessment tool features the ability to auto-load into the IPRO Eclipse review system, a full tagging panel, email thread view, hierarchy view, duplicate file view, native file launch over the Web and archive file password handling. Lateral Data, LP announced the launch of Viewpoint Assisted Review as a module in its Viewpoint all-in-one e-Discovery platform. Viewpoint Assisted Review delivers full predictive tagging functionality, allowing for automated review, prioritization of review and machine-assisted quality control of attorney review. Viewpoint Assisted Review is included with every Viewpoint Enterprise Subscription. announced the launch of its pioneering legal software system that consolidates the software needs of a legal practice in one secure seamless system. By using the cloud and its unique "loop" architecture, fully and securely integrates front and back- office software at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems without the hassle and inefficiency of going back and forth between several competing legal software products. MEETandCONFER.COM announced that it has integrated a new budget projector module into its existing software. This new budget projector module allows users of the MEETandCONFER.COM system to estimate the costs of their e-discovery requirements as they proceed through the meet and confer process. This new functionality adds an extremely valuable component to the process because it allows the parties to assess the proportionality of their projected e-discovery costs with the value of the damages sought. Nexidia and First Advantage Litigation Consulting (First Advantage) announced they have partnered to offer First Advantage clients efficient review and analysis of electronic audio and video files. First Advantage has installed Nexidia's Forensic Search software in its global data centers and is integrating Nexidia's patented phonetic search technology into its 78 Peer to Peer Please send product announcements to

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