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I have also come to realize that not all countries work on the same days. For example, some countries in the Middle East have a Saturday-through-Thursday work week. Holidays and vacation times can be vastly different by country as well. Dealing with the differences in times and days is a prime area in which communication is key for your team to retain its effectiveness. ISO Certification International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a particular point of difference between U.S. and U.K. offices. Whereas ISO certification is available to law firms in the U.S., it doesn't often drive new business intake. This is different in the U.K., as ISO certification is sometimes a requirement for a law firm to take on business there. When you're expanding your role from one that was U.S.- based to one that includes the U.K., make sure you get up-to- speed on the requirements of ISO certification. Certification is time-consuming and requires a lot of documentation. The key is to document the technology and processes you currently have; do not change the technology and processes to match the documentation. ISO certification is about actually doing what you claim to be doing. Annual audits are also a part of the ISO certification process. Shipping Overseas Something as simple as shipping equipment can be much tougher to get right when shipping internationally. Packages may get delayed in customs, or they might not be able to be shipped at all. There are some countries where devices with encryption cannot be imported, and network equipment often has encryption on it. Another consideration is Value Added Tax (VAT), which is added to U.K. shipping costs based on the value of the equipment. Paperwork to support the equipment value must be provided for anything over $2,500. This VAT can be recovered by the recipient. There is paperwork that must filed prior to shipment in the U.K. to help ensure that the VAT is recovered. Having a shipper that clearly understands various international rules can alleviate some headaches. With Change Comes Rewards As much as I've had to adapt to the new global role that I've taken on, it's been an educational and fulfilling experience that has made me more aware of non-U.S. considerations. I'm enjoying the relationships I've built, and I feel better prepared for additional challenges that are bound to occur. I look forward to continued personal and professional growth alongside the growth of my firm. Jon Castle is the Lead Architecture & Engineer of Global Networks at SNR Denton, where he is responsible for the design and operation of the firm's global network. Jon has 22 years of experience in computer networking in a wide variety of industries and is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE #2562). Jon is a member of ILTA's Communications Technologies Peer Group Steering Committee. He can be reached at Peer to Peer 25

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