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phone or chat. Chat is timelier than an email exchange, yet it is not readily used in certain regions or in the legal market; however it's highly used in corporate settings. A phone call is the best interactive medium, but — when their native language is different from those at headquarters — some prefer to communicate using a different method. Another aspect of technology to consider when you have remote offices and are providing global support is the use of automated troubleshooting features and solutions. Software is getting better at facilitating self-help or self-healing, and many corporate environments have already begun utilizing automated solutions. Although many lawyers still rely on IT staff to support them, automated troubleshooting features and solutions might be the future of solving minor technology glitches. It all comes down to cultural preference and resources. Balance Self-Sufficiency and Control Over the past five to 10 years, the Internet has truly flattened the globe. People from India to Santiago can now download applications and immediately begin using the software in minutes. It's hard to exercise control in this type of environment when employees can easily download apps without requiring any IT person at all. They can be anywhere in the world and still access and work on their documents. Finding the proper balance between local groups of self-sufficient users and global control of application distribution and management is a challenge for IT teams and vendors alike. These considerations really come into play when innovation is stifled by global policies or local requirements. This can cause a reduction in the use of advanced technologies in remote offices. Wear Your "Glocal" Hat As you explore the ideas of global vs. local in supporting remote offices, remember that all users expect the same level of service, support and cultural respect. By wearing your glocal hat, you will exceed lawyer and staff expectations, and the rewards can be great for the firm as a global entity in extending the firm's local expertise around the world. What software do you use for helpdesk trouble-ticket management? (multiple responses allowed) Firms with 350-699 Attorneys: 16% 14% 10% Intelliteach IQTrack Track-It FrontRange HEAT Firms with 700+ Attorneys: Leonard Johnson is the Vice President of Marketing at NetDocuments. He has been in the technology field since 1982, including over 18 years in document management technology and 12 years in international business. Leonard can be reached at 15% 13% 13% FrontRange HEAT Remedy Service Desk Survey Says... Below are a few responses taken from ILTA's 2011 Technology Survey. The complete analysis and results can be found online at under the Publications tab | White Papers and Surveys. What remote access software do you use? (multiple responses allowed) Firms with 350-699 Attorneys: 37% 31% 24% 14% Microsoft Remote Desktop VNC Microsoft SCCM/SMS GoToMyPC Firms with 700+ Attorneys: 28% 28% 25% 15% Microsoft Remote Desktop Microsoft SCCM/SMS Citrix LogMeIn Peer to Peer 19

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