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Issue 3 / FEBRUARY 2012 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3uss I sue 35 6 / JAN INDIE / ROCK 45 THE SUBWAYS VIDEO INTERVIEW WWW.GUESTLIST.NET We hung out with these chaps and chapette to chat about their new release, Billy's hair and Josh's weird Vindaloo obsession. Jimmy Allen Welcome to The Guestlist Network! Billy: Thank you very much How is everything? Billy: Great! Really good, we're a bit cold outside but its alright. New album, released in Sept. 2011, "Money is Celebrity" – how's it been received? Billy: I think we were quite as- tonished actually by how well it was received, but then again, we worked so hard on it. We spent a whole year writing the album and only a couple of weeks recording, three weeks was it? We Don't Need Money to Have a Good Time" was our first ever single playlisted on Radio 1. This is your third album, your first being "Young for Eternity," and you all were quite young when that came out, how has your music changed since then? Billy: We've grown as people, two of us are married now. One of us has a kid. So, naturally, we're going to be interested in new and different things. "We Don't Need Money to Have a Good Time" was written because of the cuts that were happening, the economic austerity that was going on, and a lot of my friends were losing their jobs. One of them turned to me in a club, af- ter realizing that we'd all run out of cash, and said, "Don't worry, Billy – we don't need money to have a good time." And I ran home and wrote that song. Does being so young seem like forever ago now? Billy: Yeah it does seem like for- ever ago now, I remember after school we would set up band practice in the music block of our school and Charlotte would get her mom to drive her. wildest time ever! I was working at Next at the time, in the wom- en's section, and I remember just not turning up one day getting a phone call saying, "Billy – are you coming into work?" And I was just like, "No. I'm in a rock n roll band now." Josh was fine, he didn't have a job at the time. He was working in a hotel and they caught him taking a bath in one of the rooms. Well, if you ever want to get fired – that's the way to go about it. (Laughs) I would never sing again. So I stuck to the doctor's orders. Charlotte looked after me, cooked me spaghetti Bolognese everyday. And it all ended up really well, you know. You recorded that second album in California didn't you? I saw some videos and I'll be honest, I was a bit jealous. Billy: It was heaven, going into the studio every day with flip- flops on. Now, without taking too much focus away from the new single doing Jaeger bombs and she says, "Have you ever dyed your hair?" And I'm like, "No I've never dyed my hair." And she goes, "Let's go home and dye your hair." So we go home, open up a bottle of champagne and dye my hair red. Right, new single about to be released. What's it called and can you tell us anything about it? Josh: The new single is called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," and I don't know what it's about. Billy: (Laughs) I wrote this I remember just not turning up one day getting a phone call saying, "Billy – are you coming into work?" And I was just like, "No. I'm in a rock n roll band now." Is it true that your first UK tour was self-funded? Billy: In 2004 we managed to get a hold of this great agent and he said he would book us this tour. But, we didn't have any money. So we pulled together our resources, bought a van - which we ended up calling "The Turtle". When we sold it I was well de- pressed, but yeah, we went out, did this forty-date tour around the UK and on the last date of the tour, in Nottingham, we signed a record deal. It was the When Billy got diagnosed with nodules, that must have been such a difficult time for the band… Billy: We sort of just took it in stride and because of that, as soon as I recovered we went straight into the studio and recorded the second record. But yeah, it was quite worrying. I turned up to the throat doctors and he said I was going to need surgery and that if the recovery process didn't go very well, if I didn't do exactly as I was told, and from the album and the tour, I have to bring it up: Billy's hair. Billy: The red hair! I'm actually dying it tomorrow! I'm really sorry I didn't do it for today. Charlotte: What colour? Billy: I was thinking blue… Was it just off the cuff, or…? Well, we had just finished the al- bum and my wife and I went out on a big, big drink up and about halfway through the evening, we're just hammered and we're song about my wife, it's basi- cally about someone driving you crazy, but you can't help but lov- ing them. I don't think she knows that yet. Well, now she does… So, what are your future plans? More live shows? Charlotte: Well, we're not even through touring this album yet, we've still got loads of places to go. We've got to go to France, Finland for the first time, Austria for the first time, we've got a Finland tour. And then there's a UK tour in May, we're playing at Shepherd's Bush in London, and then after that it's festival season! Okay so if you could fill an empty swimming pool with anything, what would it be? Billy: What a great question! Josh: Curry sauce. Vindaloo. Billy: Curry sauce?! Josh: Yeah, vindaloo. I'd just dive right in. Billy: That's disgusting! What about you Charlotte? I think I can guess what it's gonna be. Charlotte: What do you think it's gonna be? Billy: Wine! Charlotte: Yeah, wine might be nice. Billy: She's such a wineo! After every gig, her and the tour man- ager sit around and swirl wine, "Ooh, this is a nice bouquet." "It's got a nutty hue." Charlotte: It's nice, it's my post- gig relaxation. Glass of wine, chill out. Billy: Brilliant. Well, mine would probably have to be baked beans. NO. Strawberry petits filous! Charlotte: Oh that's a really good one, because it would feel really nice! But you might sink! Well, not if you're in the shal- low end. Catch up with The Subways on Twitter @thesubways

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