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Issue 3 / FEBR sue 35 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI 6 / JANUARY 2012 RUSKO Jenny Jahans Rusko, how are you doing? How's the tour go- ing? Where have you been so far? Yeah, really good. It's a college tour so we've only been playing college towns and we're play- ing on campus in big old American colleges. So, who parties hardest then, the Americans or us English? It's different… it's totally different. In America my audiences are generally larger and louder, but not always as physical as they are in Eng- land. They still go crazy. I think the noise level is more intense in the States. They like it super hard out here. They absolutely love Skrillex and Datsik. Good, good. So, you've come pretty far then since the Fabriclive37 mix you did with Caspa. That's such a memorable album. It was the beginning of dubstep for a lot of people. How much of an impact did that have for you? Huge. Huge. For about a year and a half that was the only dubstep mix on CD that you could go and buy in the UK, Europe and the US. For a lot of people that was their car CD for a whole year. Do you miss not playing out with Caspa any- more? How long has it been since you played together? We actually did play together for the first time this month. It had been about two and a half or three years. That's ages. 'It was never just one of you. It was always 'Caspa and Rusko'. Yeah, it was for a very long time. He was at my last gig. I did a full ninety minutes with all my new Rusko stuff. The crowd had no idea there was anyone else there. I said 'thank you very much' and went off the stage. Everyone was like 'Woooo' and then we came back on together for an entire 25 minutes. Just me and Caspa dropping all the classics and laughing like a couple of kids. It was really cool. Ah, so you're still really good friends then? Yeah, totally… really good. I'm going to his wed- ding in a couple of months actually. So you've written a few track for Britney Spears. You must enjoy the pop side of music as well? I love pop, yes, of course. My music is pop-influ- enced. A quality pop song gets me more than an awesome bass line. Seriously. My favourite song in the whole world is 'Greatest Day' by Take That. Props to Gary Barlow. If I could work with anyone in the whole world, I would work with Gary Barlow. He is my favourite number one songwriter in the whole world. He does write amazing songs. A well written pop song is always more satisfying. Where's the weirdest place you've ever played? Definitely in Japan at The Fuji Rock Festival. I rewound a track halfway through the set 'cause everyone was going crazy and because of how the Japanese crowd are. I didn't know this 'cause I'd never been there before and no one had told me. I rewound the track and... com- plete silence. Complete silence! What I didn't re- alise was that if you stop the music, every single person - and this is at a festival - was listening to hear what I had to say. There was no cheering. DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS 41 Dubstep DJ, producer and one of the hugest names since the Fabriclive37 compliation CD 2007, mixed by himself and Caspa. We spoke to him in the middle of his American college tour. Can you let us in on a few details concerning your album that's coming out soon? Yeah, it's out on the 26th March. It's actually out in the UK the day before it comes out every- where else in the world. Nice, Lucky us! Last year my distribution company made a massive error and the other album didn't come out in England until about four days after it did in the US. What's been the most rewarding moment of your career? When we played Exit Festival. There were almost one million people there in the crowd! Also, being able to crack America with an entirely new genre. The album was a reaction to that, to see how far I could take it. How far I could make dubstep musical, soulful and poppy. Yeah, but still with that dubstep bass that everyone loves? Yeah, of course. The album is called Songs. Ev- ery single track has a vocal. You can sing along. It's a happy experience. None of this aggressive, dirty sh*t that's gonna blow your ears off. The strange thing is... I'm a bit of a weirdo. There are 12 different vocalists on my album and I've met two of them. I wasn't there for any of the vocal recording at all. So you consciously made the decision that you didn't want to be there? Yeah, I decided that a while ago. I work better when there's no one around, when I'm on my own for a few hours. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring three famous people, who would you bring? Gary Barlow cos we'd make amazing tunes together. Stuart Lee cos he's my favourite comedian in the world… and Paula Dean. She's a chef in the US. I watch her show nearly every day. She cooks loads of food made with butter and cream. Like deep-fried mac and cheese wrapped in bacon. Crazy stuff. Sounds good. If music just didn't exist and you couldn't DJ, couldn't produce, what would you do with your life? I would have a breakfast diner. I make awe- some breakfast. I do the best soft boiled eggs, avocado and chives. Yeah, I'd have a real nice high-end breakfast cafe. I'd be a breakfast chef in America. You could just bring over all the American food to England instead. I could do, but I live in California. I don't think I'll leave. Really… we won't get you back? Nah, I'm in California to stay. Right now its 80 something degrees out there. I can legally walk to the shop down the end of my road and buy as much marijuana as I want and go back to my house and legally smoke it. Really? Are you ill then? Is it medicinal? Haha. Nah, California is passed that now. Thanks, it's been really great talking to you, Rusko. Enjoy the rest of your tour! Yeah, cool, thanks, I will do. Catch up with Rusko on Twitter @ruskoofficial " My favourite song in the whole world is 'Greatest Day' by Take That."

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