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Issue 36 / FEBRUARY 2012 ALIX PEREZ Signed to one of the biggest drum and bass labels, this young DJ/ producer has been dropping beats from the age of 14. Chloe Hooten How did Shogun Audio's 50th release party go back in November? Yeah, good thanks. All good. Yeah it was really good. The vibe was wicked in there, I usually do sort of like 1am-2am a lot of the time so like before Friction's or like main time set but I played a bit earlier and it was nice. I could play a lot deeper and just kind of build it up a lot more, so it was nice for me. Where have you been recently? Everywhere, I've done like a lot of Europe, I did like six gigs in seven days last month. Is that your record? I've done like eight in a row before, but that was pretty intense, like I'm pretty rinsed out from it. That's a lot, have you got some down time? Yeah I'm writing my album at the moment, so like when I'm not gigging I'm kind of in the studio so... How is the album going? Yeah really well, yeah it's just the writing process at the moment so.. Talk us through that, like how does your writing start, where do you do it, do you need to be locked away in the studio or? There's no real set way to be honest, I just work when I'm inspired, I don't force it, it's like when I feel inspired and I wanna work I just work. Sometimes I might get like four free days of spare time and I just can't you know, I've got no inspiration or I don't feel right so I'm going to force it and write so, it's all down to how I feel really. So far, how is the album feeling? What words would you use to describe it? Just very deep and musical, soulful, like pretty much what I do. I think people can expect what I do usually, it's going to be on that same vibe. Who are you listening to? Who are your influences right now? Oh yeah I mean I don't, to be honest with you because I'm gigging all the time and producing drum and bass and playing drum and bass, most of my time I listen to other things... Liiiikkeee? A lot of like Brainfeeder LA beats stuff, all sorts to be honest from like old school punk and my musical taste is like really varied so it's all round really. Is there anywhere you haven't played where you want to play? I'd like to do Asia, I think it's going to hap- pen early next year. I've done Singapore once but I'd really like to tour Asia because I've never really been there. Apart from that I've been pretty much everywhere. How is the drum and bass in Asia? Well I played in Singapore so I can't re- ally say overall but when I played there it was really good. It's like a small scene obviously, small clubs, but the vibes were really good and there's a following there... it's cool. Are you based in London now? Yeah, I have been for quite a while now. What do you do in your off days when you're now working? I don't really get off days very much. If anything I'll skateboard, that's what I'll do. A bit of exercise and I've been into skating for years so that's what I do really when I get a chance. It's getting quite cold now though isn't it so... Yeah, there's indoor skate parks though so that's alright. If you could have a swimming pool filled with anything, what would it be? Gold? (Laughs) It's quite heavy though isn't it, you couldn't really swim in it.. Yeah but if I could have anything in a swimming pool it would be gold. What would you do with all that gold?! Probably build a ridiculous studio. Like with every obscure analogue synth from the '70s and loads of geeky shit basically. Where's your best place to eat in Lon- don? I quite like Gaucho's. It's an Argentin- ian steak place that's got a few spots in London so I recommend that, it's not the cheapest of restaurants but it's definitely worth going in. I like a steak so... Is there anything else you want to tell us about what you've been getting up to? Pretty much just been gigging and album stuff so... When is the album out? There's no definitive date and I'm not go- ing to say because it could like, it always overruns a little bit you know because there is a lot of preparation. Even if I finished it there's still three/four months of press and preparation, mastering, like pro- duction, I'd say like next year but towards the late end. I can't really say. Do you prefer to stay in the UK or abroad? I like travelling, that's also the tiring bit, like travelling a lot but I do like going abroad because there are different audiences and the vibe is different so I quite like it. Thank you for talking to us! Cheers! VIDEO INTERVIEW WWW.GUESTLIST.NET Catch up with Alix on Twitter @AlixPerez "I just work when I'm inspired, I don't force it, it's like when I feel inspired and I wanna work I just work." DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS 39

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