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32 HOUSE / TECHNO JOE LE GROOVE'S INTERVIEWS ELON Issue 36 / FEBRUARY 2012 Israeli-born, NYC-based DJ and producer will be back in the UK this month to play at Techno's underground rave Select*elect. With a new album and releases from the Resolute label, expect a big year for this electronic heavyweight. Joe Le Groove You were born in Israel and then moved to NYC. What were your influences growing up? I grew up around music. My roots are in bass guitar and singing, and my influences are psychedelic rock, funk and jazz. I really started getting into music when I was writing poetry back in Israel. I used to go read the poems out on open stage nights, and I made music and soundtracks to accompany them. I actually didn't get into electronic music until I was 21 years old, and even then it was kinda by mistake. I wanted to move to NY, a place I've always wanted to live ever since I was a teenager, but I couldn't get a visa. I had to find something to do, so I went and studied sound engineering in Tel Aviv. Then after the course one of my teachers asked me if I'd ever DJ'd. I replied 'no', then he said, 'Well you're going to start now. The Crown Plaza Hotel want you to work there as their DJ!' I was like 'oh yeah, why not', and suddenly I was DJ- ing every- day until 5am. I was hooked. When I moved to NY in 2001, the world of electronic music straight away became the main focus of my life. I got into play- ing at a lot of parties and then secured a residency. After that the production came. Gigs offers came from all directions. The rest is history. You have to dedicate most of your time to being up to date with what's going on, technology, preparing play lists and everything. I had to quit my job in the record store back in the day just so I would be able to manage working on music and finishing tracks. There is never enough time to be truly up to date with what's going on with the industry. What were you playing at first? What captivated you as an artist? When I first started to DJ it was the Detroit deeper sound combined with NY house music of the late 90s. Though Danny Tenaglia has always been my idol - his long sets that start from one play and end up in a completely different place! I've basically always played tech- no to house to deeper melodic tunes. But I really enjoy spending time going through all differ- ent genres. And I love having a story to tell behind every set and surprise people with unexpected tunes. I am really looking forward to hearing your set. I was talking with a friend recently about what's happened to DJs having own identity and flair. Where are they? These days it seems that DJs just play what's 'hot'. Music has become so dispos- able. What are your thoughts on that? I really hate chasing after the hype, what's 'hot'. It's never been my thing. That's why I am staying away from the Beatport Top 100. I play what I love and what I feel I am connected with. Of course, I am always adjusting to the crowd. I have to make people dance. That's my job! The biggest challenge for me right now, especially as A&R at ReSolute label, is that I'm always searching for the timeless stuff. It's great to make a track that will sound amazing in the next year, but the real test is when you play the track 10 -15 years from now. If that track still doesn't sound dated then it's great… that's the timeless stuff. That's the stuff I'm searching for to release on ReSolute: what I want to play and what, in my opinion, will still sound good in a decade from now. So that's the essence of Elon as an artist? Pretty much, yes. Now- days I look at my playlists and 50% of the tracks are 5-6 years old, even up to 20 years old. Everybody needs help starting out. Who showed you the love? I have to give credit to the Clink Crew, especially Tim. When I lived in NY, we used to play ping- pong every week, and he always used to listen to what I was play- ing. He pushed me to release my stuff and give me the confidence to do something good. Now I'm working on my new album. I'm generally very happy and I'm not stressed about anything. It sounds like you have found your sound and you know what you want to do. Are you com- fortable with what you're doing right now? Yeah, I'm comfortable, but of course I have doubts about my work. That's what makes me an artist. I still get a bit nervous. I never play my own stuff when I DJ. I play maybe one of my tracks out of about five gigs that I play, so it's really rare. I'm very critical and a perfectionist about things, but that's what gives me the drive to keep going, keep progressing... I'm still searching for my sound and evolving as an artist. It's an endless progression. What have you got in store for this year? I know you have your album out. Yeah, it will hopefully be out by the end of the year. This is an album that I have been planning to release for about 3 years, and I'm so glad that I didn't rush it out. I wanted it to come naturally, and finally it's pretty much done. Then I'm planning another collaboration with about 3-4 artists to put out on ReSolute. We're putting the label on hold for a little bit so we can get the EP's out. The ReSolute brand is growing, and we are planning a European tour in June. Also, we are planning to do a few collaborations in NY around the end of September. There is la lot going on. If you were stranded on a desert island and you had to take three famous people with you, who would they be and why? The first person would be John Stewart, so he could keep me up to date with news and make me laugh. I would also take my sister. She is a famous chef so she'd find things on the island and cook for me... and Marylin Monroe. I need to eat, I need to have sex and I need to keep myself entertained with what's going on! You can catch Elon play at Select*elect feat H.O.S.H & Elon @ TBA on 25th February JOE LE GROOVE´S TOP 10 1. Devlin Romereo - Anything Goes (Another Planet) - Planet Dust 2. Huxley - Let It Go - Hypercolour 3. La Fleur - Ten Fingers - Lo:Rise 4. Omid 16B & Da Billa - After All These Years (Omid's Club Mix) - Sex On Wax 5. Wagstaff - Endemic Digital 6. RJ Fletcher - Over Defy - Tact Recordings 7. Joe Le Groove & Massimo Zito - All She Wants - Brake Horse Records 8. Luciano Esse - The Foul - Out-er 9. Technotis Enriques - Soon Come - Brake Horse Records 10. DisCemi - FM2AM - My Favorite Robot Records

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