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Issue 3 / FEBRUARY 2012 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI sue 35 6 / JAN HOUSE / TECHNO 31 ABOVE AND BEYOND Bana How did Above and Beyond come about? How did you all meet? We got together to do a remix 12 years ago. We were all doing other things at the time. We met through social circles really. The remix was for Warner and Chakra, Home was the track. It was something we did in our spare time, but we got something good together and the record got to NO.1 in the club chart. We started getting a lot more work. So we got together accidentally really. Since then, we've written our own material, which is what Above and Beyond are known for today. So where did the name "Above and Beyond" come from? Well, one of the guys in the group, Jono Grant put his name into an Internet search engine a long time ago and discovered a man in America called John O' Grant. He was a motivational trainer for the police, one of those people who would get a lot of people in a room and make them feel good about working for a big company. His slogan was Above and Beyond… that was his kind of his corporate message. Jono printed the page from this man's website and stuck it on the wall. So when we finished the remix we needed a name for it. We looked around the room and I saw above and beyond on the printed page and I thought 'that's great, let's use that!' You have done a lot of travelling. I've actually been to a couple of your events in Beirut. How does your music speak to the Arab world? We all share the same sun. People ask me, 'what's it like over there?' and you say 'it's the same as it is over here.' So whether you are in America, Lebanon, China or Australia, it's a universal truth that we're all human beings, that we all pretty much worry about similar things, look forward to the same things and enjoy music in exactly the same way. Yes, this music has been growing rapidly in Beirut and Syria as well. So are you the one who writes the lyrics? I write a lot of them. The songs that Richard Bedford sings are songs we have written for him and Zoe, who we also write with. Most of her lyrics are her own, but we tend to contribute ideas. But yeah, I am kind of the lyrical one. That has always interested me… the story of the song, the structure of it. It seems as if you collaborate a lot with Zoe. What other kinds of artists would you like to work with in the future? We're actually pretty happy with the people we are working with now. I think in the last 5 years we have got people who can express what we want in our music, so we are not really looking to work or collaborate with anyone else right now. There's always the tendency for DJ's to collaborate with people who are hugely famous. Whilst this might give you a short- term spike, I don't think these collaborations lead to anything long-term. We are very happy doing our own thing for our own fans, although I am open to the prospect of collaborations from those who want to do something with us. What artists and tracks should we look out for in 2012? On the label we have a number of releases. We have so many that it's difficult to pick selected tracks, but we're very much looking forward to Mat Zo's Bringing their live tour to the UK for the first time this April, these guys are like getting drunk on a sunny day. Currently ranked 5th in DJ Mag's top 100 poll, we asked Tony McGuinness about the group's beginnings and what they have in store for you in 2012. album, which is very close to being finished. Mat's a very un- precocious talent on the label. His album is out in the summer and we are all very much looking forward to doing that. What your most memorable gig to date and why? If I had to pick one, it would probably be the first time we played the LA Coliseum at the EEC. It was about 4 or 5 years ago. I mean this is where they held the Olympics, so it's a huge venue. I can't think of another venue that compares. The gigs we have done in Beirut have always been very special. I don't quite know why, but the people in Beirut seem to party hard. So you have the Group Therapy UK tour coming up. What will it be like to play on home turf? It's always nice to come home. We've been delighted by the way the fans have taken our music into their hearts. We've got huge shows in Brixton and big UK tours coming up. It's going to be really nice to get a big injection of home fans because obviously they are a unique bunch. Is there a message you would like to deliver to all of your loyal fans? I'm not sure if I have anything brief that I can condense into a short message. Our message is our music, and I think our overall feeling is that there are people all over the world that love music and love each other, and if we can bring that together in a small way then were happy Look out for the full Group Therapy live UK tour this April and the next single "Love Is Not Enough" is out on 19th March

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