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Issue 3 / FEBR sue 35 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI 6 / JANUARY 2012 FILM 25 horror FEB 3RDYOUNG ADULT In Young Adult, Charlize Theron shines and Juno's Diablo Cody proves once again why she's the queen of indie screenplays. Charlize Theron's ability to go from dressed-down delinquent ('Monster') to glamourous supporting supremo ('Hancock') at a moment's notice has served her well. In an industry obsessed with putting women into boxes, her range is commendable and, seemingly effortless. While her portrayal of the odious protagonist in 'Young Adult' is hardly a 'Monster'- style physical transformation, the character is initially hideous, if only psychologically so. That is, however, until writer Diablo Cody starts weaving her script with unexpected layers of empathy. Theron is Mavis Grey, a recently divorced fiction writer who returns to her home in small-town Minnesota. Crass and shamelessly self-serving, she seeks out her old high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson) - only to find that he is now happily married. Determined, Grey makes it her business to win him back. If you're not used to rooting for a would-be home wrecker while at the cinema, prepare to leave 'Young Adult' knowing one thing for certain: 'Juno' was no fluke, Cody is an outstanding screenwriter, taking what could have been a messy cipher straight out of 'The Jerry Springer Show' and creating a fully fleshed-out character – buoyed by Theron's fearless performance. After the hiccup that was 'Jennifer's Body', Cody, along with 'Juno' director Ivan Reitman, are back on form with this caustic comedy. Get Poynt and get there. Get local listings, maps and directions, movie times, trailers and tickets, restaurant listings and reservations. Get the app that takes care of everything. Download the app free on your smartphone at

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