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24 FILM Issue 36 / FEBRUARY 2012 FEB 3RD MAN ON A LEDGE Despite some edge-of-your-seat moments and an all-star cast, 'Man on a Ledge' falls surprisingly flat. This shallow but fun action caper stars Sam Worthington ('Avatar') as Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop and wrongly-accused felon. Cassidy spends the majority of the film perched atop the ledge of the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, threatening to jump to his death, 21 floors below. However, all is not as it seems. While a police negotiator (Eliza- beth Banks) desperately attempts to talk him down, Cassidy's brother (Jamie Bell) and brother's girlfriend (Genesis Rodriguez) are busy attempting the biggest diamond heist in history. The victim? Evil real estate tycoon David Englander (Ed Harris), the guy who put Cassidy in jail in the first place. (Bet you didn't see that coming). Englander's character is not one for subtle verbiage, but rather, like the film's title, obvious and cringeworhy examples of a screenwriter's attempt to choose seat-filling style over substance. Englander screaming, "There are two kinds of people in the world: people who will do anything to get what they want and everybody else," remains a particular standout. Despite a slightly convoluted plot and a storyline with its fair share of holes, 'Man On A Ledge' succeeds in taking its viewers on an utterly thrilling ride. If the ledge-based scenes don't inspire immedi- ate vertigo, then the heist subplot will surely set pulses racing - if only for the duration of the screening. Overall, 'Man On A Ledge' is worth taking a leap of faith for, but maybe wait until it comes out on DVD. Bel Ami Mar 9th Based on the French novel pub- lished in 1885, this feature-length period drama stars Robert Pattinson in a more mature post- Twilight role as a young, amoral womaniser who goes from rags to riches by seducing Paris' wealthiest and most influential women. Project X Mar 2nd Filmed in the 'shaky-cam' style, a group of high school outcasts stage the house party to end all house parties, but it quickly spi- rals out of control. 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up producer Judd Apatow heads this film, so expect sharp dialogue and a laugh a minute. The Hunger Games Mar 23rd Based on the first novel of every teenager's favorite new trilogy, 'The Hunger Games' is tipped to be the next big franchise after Harry Potter and Twilight. It takes place in the corrupt future, where a group of young people are selected to fight to the death on live television... Did someone say Battle Royale? COMING SOON...

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