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Issue 3 / FEBR sue 35 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI 6 / JANUARY 2012 TECHNOLOGY 15 Brushes (£2.99) An app for anybody ranging from serious artists to complete amateurs, this app has all the fun of painting without the fuss of getting things ready and tidying up afterwards. Having been used for abstract art, celebrity portraits and famously a cover for the New Yorker maga- zine, the potential of this app knows no bounds. £2.99 Temple Run (FREE) Move over Angry Birds! There's a new app around that's even more addictive. The concept is simple: run, jump, duck and turn... oh, and try not to get captured by the not- so- happy guardians that you just stole treasure from.£1.99 Hipstamatic (£1.49) Ever miss the old school style photography with its beau- tifully unpredictable lighting and colours? This incredible app brings it all back with all the sophistication of modern technology giving you the ability to choose different lenses, films and flash settings. Sharing your best photos online is both instant and simple to do as this app is com- patible with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. £0.69 GET YOUR GAME ON! We found the best games on the most popular consoles that are guaranteed to get you off the sofa! Just Dance 3 (Wii) The world's best dance game, capable of starting an instant party in your living room. Get down to business on your own in 'Just Sweat' mode, mix it up with some mini-games or sim- ply grab some friends and go all out in 'Just Dance' mode. Kinect Sports (Xbox 360) With six action-packed sports to choose from, Kinect's Sports Edition is bigger and better than ever. With an easy-to- master control scheme, you're bound to find something to get you going, whether it be the precise control needed for darts or a pure adrenaline sprint in American football. SMARTPHONES GO SWIMMING We dive in to see who's been making a splash in mobile technology. Waterproof protection for your precious gadgets is now a reality. At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Liquipel demonstrated the waterproofing properties of its new nano- coating protection. The protection, which is applied to both the interior and exterior of the phone with a vacuum chamber, is invisible to the naked eye. Smartphones and other mobile devices protected with the nano- coating are capable of being submerged up to a meter underwater for half an hour without incurring any damage. It's also possible that this nano- coating may used to waterproof your existing devices. In no time you'll be updating your Facebook status from your lilo, blogging from the bath and maybe even tweeting from the toilet, if you're into that sort of thing, please don't tell us about it. Zumba Fitness (PS3/Wii/ Xbox 360) Sick of signing up for Zumba classes only to find out they're fully booked? Well why not take the class home with you? With varying difficulty levels, music genres and dance styles you can create entire workouts tailor-made to suit your needs. APPS OF THE MONTH

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