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14 TECHNOLOGY Issue 36 / FEBRUARY 2012 WI-FI MAKES A MOVE UNDERGROUND It's time to stop playing those stupid offline games on the tube. Let's get online. Underground. AS MUCH AS AN OVERCROWDED LONDON UNDERGROUND is probably the last place you'll want to be during the 2012 Olympics, in the coming months it will become a much more enjoyable experience. Don't you just hate that isolated feeling you get whenever you enter a tube station? Well, surfing the web, checking emails and social networking will all soon be easily done from platforms whilst waiting for trains. Around 120 stations will benefit from having these underground Wi- Fi hot spots after more than 50 percent of the people taking part in the trials, which took place at Charing Cross station last March, said they felt that it would generally make their tube experience much better. Although Underground Wi-Fi is a definite, we still may need to keep our fingers crossed in hope that we won't be charged for the services and maybe even keep them crossed for the possibility of Wi-Fi in carriages one day. We can dream, right? PLAYSTATION VITA A portable games console and media player that's small enough to pocket but powerful enough to perform. The ultimate gamer's gadget. THE PLAYSTATION VITA IS CUTE, compact and not just for guys. Unlike most existing portable con- soles, it supports more than just video games. The Vita comes complete with a camera on either side. You can even connect to the Internet to download apps and games. TOUCH SCREEN WINDOWS... WHY NOT? It sounds like science fiction, but the next big development in in-car entertainment technology is on the verge of becoming a reality. NOWADAYS IT'S TOUCH-SCREEN EVERYTHING. Phones, cameras, win- dows... Yes, we did just say windows. Car windows to be exact. Whether you're a driver wanting to keep the kids quiet or a passenger who simply hates long journeys, there are specially designed apps on their way to you shortly. So what apps will be coming to a window near you? So far we've got Pond and Foofu, which are basically much more sophisti- cated versions of the classic drawing on the steamed up window game usually reserved for rainy car journeys. There's also Spindo, which allows you to overlay another car's view onto yours, and an ani- mated travel companion, Otto, who flies alongside you throughout your journey - perfect for keeping the kids entertained. This user-friendly, multi-functional games console boasts excellent graphics, touch screen technology and analogue control sticks. You can drop gaming challenges to people nearby via WiFi or 3G. Ap- pealing to a wider audience, it also enables users to instantly upload pictures and store music and films, making this the ideal media device for those on the go. For those who have never used a Playstation, it may take a while to get your head around, but the interface is relatively self-explanatory. The product launches on 22nd Feb 2012. TGN can't recommend the Playstation Vita highly enough. PRICE £239.99 for WiFi only £279.99 for the 3G version.

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