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IssueIssue 36 / FEBUARY 2011 Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI 6 / JAN sue 35 3 / FEBRUARY 2012 BRANSON BACKS JOINT BID TO LEGALISE CANNABIS KEN LIVINGSTONE London's ex-Mayor pledges quality afford- able homes and less crime if re-elected. The grass could be greener: Virgin's creator questions the law on cannabis. Multi-millionaire and entre- preneur Richard Branson has spoken out supporting the legalisation of cannabis. He's even suggested that if the law were changed to decriminalise the drug, he'd consider selling it at Virgin stores. The Virgin boss is staunchly against promoting the sale of tobacco, believing cannabis to be less harmful. He denounced the tobacco indus- try as 'immoral'. Branson is just one of 100 prominent individuals who've signed a public declaration in favour of cannabis's decrimi- nalisation. Max Clifford, Sir Paul McCartney and Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, also signed the petition. The Government's stance on cannabis does seems inconsis- tent. It condones intoxication in the form of alcohol, arguably a more profoundly mind- altering substance, and it allows smoking, the method by which most users imbibe the drug. In a BBC2 interview, Branson stated, 'I think it's wrong that 100,000 young people have criminal records for doing something which is no worse than their parents are doing every night - drinking alcohol.' Branson has appeared in The House of Commons arguing that the £200m of taxpayer's money currently expended annually on combating the sale and consumption of illegal drugs would be far better al- located elsewhere. In an age where the law seems to lag behind public opinion on the matter, it's surely time to revise the way that cannabis in par- ticular is approached. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING TO TOWN Four years ago, 15% of the world's population tuned into the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony and in a matter of months all eyes (and ears) will be on London. We couldn't help but crack a smile when we heard the news that the people in charge of the ceremony's music will be a couple of thirty-some- thing lads from Romford, Essex, best known for shouting "LAGER, LAGER, LAGER" in the mid-nineties. The Underworld duo can boast of a career in electronic music that has spanned thirty years, and under the direction of Danny Boyle, they promise to put on an amazing show. The spectacle will be staged in London in July. If you want to witness this historic event but can't afford the sky-high hotel prices, check out www. for some budget accom- modation alternatives. Need a low cost place to crash? Go to Over the last 4 years Boris Johnson has done his best to make Londoners less well-off and less safe. He's raised transport fares to record levels and cut 1,700 police officers from the Metropolitan police. He's done nothing about the highest unemployment in 17 years or the fact that many people are struggling to find quality affordable homes. These are decisions Boris Johnson has personally taken that have hurt you as a Londoner. If you vote for me on 3rd May I will take decisions from day one that will make you better off. I'll cut the fares on 7th October saving you £1,000 over 4 years. I'll reverse Boris Johnson's police officer cuts and to tackle rising crimes like robbery and burglary. I'll introduce a Social Lettings Agency to make the private rented sector fairer and ensure a decent home for all. These are things I can and will do as the Mayor of London. I pas- sionately believe in putting Londoners first and I'm asking for your vote. THE GUESTLIST NETWORK CABLE PASSES BATON TO 13 RELAY This new club has all the makings of a world-beater. Relay, a sister venue to the leg- endary Cable, opened on Feb- ruary 4th, 2011. The club takes over what was the third room at Cable to form a distinct club that will run it's own nights par- allel to those at Cable. With a Nova sound system installed alongside specially designed LED wall displays and low hanging lighting for an inti- mate feel, this high calibre club looks set to match the world class specs of its sibling's main room. Easily able to support DJs, live acts and bands, Relay is one of the best-equipped venues in London.

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