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Issue 3 / FEBR sue 35 hop. But it would never have give us acid house, never have given us jungle, never have given us grime. I love the fact that in Britain we take music, we subvert it and we add the anarchic British twist, and that's what we sell around the world. London is cosmopolitan. That has a big effect on our music scene right? That's right. There is cross pollination here; we have Black, Asian, White a mix of cultures that can take the music anywhere. It's fantastic! You can never be standing in the middle of New York and expect to hear jungle. It's not happening. But you come to Brixton, go to Hackney, go to Notting Hill. You can turn on your radio, we have a great pirate Is110r 2ebmece4 / De 3ussI 6 / JANUARY 2012 just ride it. You have to think about it and provide for your family. If you're fortunate enough to make a career out of it, don't fuck it up. Use your head, do the right thing, be patient. It doesn't happen over night but sadly we live in an age and culture where people think you just add water and you're famous. Famous for what? Do something. Learn something? Yeah learn something that raises you as a person and is a shining example to others. You know I hope by doing this interview it inspires one kid to say 'you know what! I'm gonna get an MBE like Norman Jay. I want to do what he does'. I come from an area where nothing comes easy and you have to work for it. You cant steal it and when you spend all those years getting it, you have to work doubly hard to maintain it. You are a very Guestlist individual. Am I? Yeah, you used to break in to places and have parties, that's pretty much our vibe.I'm not anymore but I still love when it does happen. Okay Ya know cause when I was at those parties there was no internet or texting, it was just word of mouth. I love all that, it's not about the music, it's the gathering of people. That was the warehouse parties. It's about getting groups of people together to enjoy something that they wouldn't ordinarily come together and enjoy, that was the main drive for me. I was brought up on soul, reggae and jazz but I loved hip hop and 60's northern soul and I liked 60's pop. I love The Who, I like Hendrix and all of these are influences on me. So it was fantastic to be in a warehouse space where I could play all of that music and one DJ play right across the board. I play 10 hours and you hear the A- Z of music: rock, pop, soul, house, African, Indian, Brazilian, South American.. I don't claim to be an expert in any of these musics but there are certain elements to them musics i like. So i did hear illegally or legally you will be doing a party for the Olympics. We're gonna get involved somehow. Don't know where you're hearing it from. You're well informed. I'm keeping my eye out. Like I said you are very Guestlist Network. If there is anyway we can help, that's exactly what we are thinking too. Well ya know there's health and safety radio culture here which gives disadvantaged kids a platform which you wouldn't get anywhere else in the world. Our kids don't know how lucky they are. Ive been fortunate to get my Olympic rings early. I mean I've played on every continent. Not many of us have got those, but there are a few that have been fortunate enough. I was one of the first UK DJs to play behind the iron curtain, where they haven't seen a black person before. You get your hair stroked and touched like you're a monkey in a zoo (laughing) but once you understand the cultural context of that you are actually learning from that. Fantastic experiences and all of that because I play music. What a charmed life. Is there anything in this charmed life of yours on your bucket list ? Well I have never set goals. Everything is temporary so you What other gigs are you looking forward to? Winter sessions. I'm looking forward to the PAC3 tomorrow in Manchester, I think I'm playing with one of the guys out of the Charlatans. That should be interesting cause I have got quite an ear for that music aswell, but I love being thrown into musical bare pits where people don't associate you with that music or don't think your capable of handling that music and then when you show you can, it's like wow. That must be one of the greatest things for you cause you get to do that over and over again. That's the challenge for me. I love to play dubstep with one of the leading promoters and producers now. Then the next day go and play with someone like Charles Excellent, thank you for your time Mr Jay it was absolutely a pleasure. It was good talking to you guys, I respect you for doing your homework. Cause the reason I don't do too many interviews is because journalists are lazy. If they can't do their homework, if they can't be bothered researching their questions I can't be bothered answering them. We're all about parties and having fun. We are the epitome of good times. Yeah that's a great name. The Guestlist Network! Also we are doing this party every Sunday with one of my favourite DJ's Fabio headlining. Yeah he's good. Enough respect to Fabio, he is one of the originals. I've still got a lot of time for him even though I don't see him but occasionally I tweet him. Ya know he's come through some like me. He's the next man who should be getting proper recognition for what he has done not just for the music but for the youth culture. It's not just about the music, it's about the impact like Fabio and his like have. Ya know they force in a way the social change ya know how many more kids if they weren't checking him up to badness and wrongness. Ya know we have a moral and civil duty to keep doing what we're doing. To carve a righteous path for the kids who want to stay on the right side of things. Hopefully they look up to guys like us, we can't preach to them. All I can do is lead by example. So where you feeling playing right now? Yeah, for me I love Asia, Asia is the future. I'm playing China a lot. I hope to get back doing stuff in India. Whereabouts? Ya know, Shang Hai, Beijing, Shang Du, a few places opening up. It's the fastest world economy. I still wanna get out there. Stake a claim, make a mark, put my marker down. It's like i haven't been to Brazil, South America in over 10 years. The last time i was out there was with DJ Marky. I had an amazing time and Marky I have to say this DJ Marky. He reminded me of a young Norman Jay. I love his techno, his way with the crowd. He's a show man and i loved all of that, he really reminded me of a young me. I toured with him, did a few dates with him in Saul Paulo and Rio. It was one of the most amazing tours I've been on. Where's the best place to come and film you? I think the best place would be the vintage festival in the summer. I'm doing different things, doing different arenas, playing different genres. We'll be doing an 80's warehouse party. Doing a 60's mod thing in another arena. I might be doing a hip hop and drum n bass for kids in another arena. Thank you very much, It's been great to meet you Peterson where we're playing cool Jazz, and then play with a roaring house head. There's a part of me that likes all of that and for me DJing is about that. I cannot and do not want to be a single genre DJ. It does not interest me, challenge me or stimulate me. The challenge for me is to be able to play different types of music for different types of people and them enjoy it, that's what rewards me. THE GUESTLIST NETWORK 11 "People think you just add water and get famous." VIDEO INTERVIEW WWW.GUESTLIST.NET Catch Norman Jay on twitter @NormanJayMBE

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