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special advertising section Auctions are Green With the proliferation of big box stores, young consumers have forgotten how inexpensively they can furnish their home at auction. And it is much better for the environment. The carbon footprint from a turn-of-the-century dresser is a fraction of that of a newly made dresser. Antiques stand the test of time. You may have to be patient for the item you are looking for to come up, but most auction companies sell everything from rugs to jewelry and furnishings to art. It's so much more interesting to decorate with antiques, instead of homes looking the same from a catalog showroom. —Diane Riva, Kaminski Auctionss Your Home Sweet Home One question interior designers hear over and over is: "How do I personal- ize my house and make it truly a home?" So often we walk into a furniture show- room and want to buy the whole suite—sofa, rug, lighting, and all—only to get the furniture home to find we have just recreated the showroom floor. It might look pretty, but where is the personality? Where is your mark in the room? We asked local designers what they think makes a house into a welcoming home packed with your personality. "I love to look through a client's boxes filled with what they consider junk," says interior designer Camille Garro. "Things they've collected over the years from various trips or gathered from rejected gifts they didn't want to toss for fear of hurting someone's feelings." These misfit items can become the perfect treasures to display on bookshelves. Camille suggests each bookshelf has its own theme. For instance, the sentimental shelf displaying honeymoon memen- tos—the little ship in a bottle, the dancing hula skirt doll, and, don't forget, the shot glass embossed with the word "Maui." She also suggests displaying travel guides and books about particular vacation destinations. Place the books hori- zontally for a perfect resting spot for the travel trinkets. The Cambridge Collection by Hinkley Lighting Exclusively at Design Lighting & Electrical Supplies, Inc. North Andover Mall, North Andover, MA 978.794.1650 PhotograPhy by Eric roth

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