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6 CASH GENIE Issue 34 / December 2011 Win £200 for the wittiest rhyme!. We want to hear your poetry. Last month the Genie gave away £100 for the funniest joke and £100 for the best piece of good news. Here are the winners: - Best joke: What's the best cheese for hiding horses? Marscapone! Hahaha. - Funniest news: Went out on the piss on Saturday and didn't pee in my shoes this time! Hehehe. Now I hope that got you laughing, but if you can do better - this month we are giving away £200 for the wittiest seasonal rhyme, so get those thinking hats on and send in your best. Email your rhymes to If you don't win you could always get a helping hand from the Genie at for that little extra bit of cash until you get paid. TWITTER TWATTER Who's been saying what online this month? We name, fame and shame celebs mouthing off in cyberspace. You are what you tweet. Guestlist Network @guestlistdotnet London @TalibKweli Talib Kweli Greene Good morning twietnam! It's hump day not dry hump day! Put on your big boy pants and get up get out and get something! It's this kind of inspirational talk that is missing from today's schools! @Wretch32 Wretch32 Jus saw a women spit on the street shexy. Lol Manners are everything to Wretch. Fuck shpel- ling. @Example example Just put 4 screaming girls on the guestlist for Southend tonight. They screaming so much I thought someone was being murdered out- side my bus. That's just the cover story, I heard him say "No- body look in the back of the tour bus!" @ErickMorillo Erick Morillo Good morning world. Beautiful day in nyc. Cold but sunny. lots of meetings today and going to rock out tonight in philadelphia. Shampoo time Sounds great! But we're not sure why you think you need shampoo Erick? @GregJames Greg James It's not easy peasy lemon squeezy, it's difficult difficult lemon difficult. Can someone keep Greg James away from the fruit 'n' veg... it's not good for him. @1Omarion OMARION I think I'm going to attempt dancing on my front door....yea don't ask how its being done just know ima kill that shiiii I'm sure this is the type of interesting stuff that the Twitter bosses envisioned when they started things... @CookieMonstaDub Tony iPoo Cook #junglememories Stealing my brothers tape player everyday so I could listen to jungle instead of learning at school! Year 7! Haha Is that saying something about dubstep pro- ducers education then Cookie? THE QUESTION IS GETTING WEIRDER Raising the bar: getting engaged is getting odder. It seems popping the question has become more adventurous with a streak of crazy marriage proposals over the last month. Ryan Gleeson has been the most recent candidate, dressing as batman, wearing a cape with the words "Will You Marry Me?" on and abseil- ing 100ft down a packed shopping centre, overcoming his fear of heights just to hear his girlfriend's answer. Now that is heroic! This follows Daniel Dixon's proposal during a skydive with specially made gloves with his message on: Not quite as personal but it's a bit hard to have a heart to heart while plum- meting towards the ground so we'll let that slide. And Pang Kun's dancing carrot proposal (not sure we should even ask) pulling off a choreographed public stunt based around his favourite vegetable back in August. Costing £10,000, we reckon that one tops them all but fingers crossed he budgeted for the big day! It's all getting a bit freaky but we say bring it on. Let's just hope she says yes... COMPETITION RULES 1. By entering a Competition, entrants agree to be bound by these Rules. 2. The Competition is organised by Cash Genie UK Ltd. 3. The Competition is only open to persons over the age of 18 and proof of date of birth may be required before any prize is awarded. 4. The entrant authorises Cash Genie UK Ltd to use any information/comment provided to be used in promotional material whether online, TV, Radio or future publications. 5. By entering the Competition, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. Cash Genie UK Ltd reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants. 6. Unless stated otherwise in the Competition Notice, prize winners will be chosen at random from all correct Entries (for competitions involving answering questions or where entry is by emailing or otherwise providing a name and/or contact details to Cash Genie UK Ltd) or from all submitted entries (where creative or artistic merit or other subjective criteria apply to entries (unless these are being judged as set out in the Competition Notice)), within 28 days of the closing date specified in the Competition Notice. Tie-breakers will be judged by Cash Genie UK Ltd and, if required by law, by an independent adjudicator. In all matters, the decision of the judge(s) and Cash Genie UK Ltd shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. 7. Prize winners will be notified in writing to either their home address or email address. 8. The closing date for this competition is 7th November 2011. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for entry in to the competition. 9. The full Terms and Conditions for this competition can be found on the Cash Genie UK Ltd website at 10. Should you require any further information in relation to this competition please contact us at Cash Genie UK Ltd, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, LONDON SW19 2RR. BIZARRE NEWS TIME MAGAZINE COVER UP? Massive differences in the way the world today is portrayed on the front cover of the US and the rest of the worlds editions of the famous magazine. The last edition of Time features a dramatic picture of an Arab rebel wearing a gas mask under the headline "Revolution Redux." In Amer- ica, they got "Why anxiety is good for you" Go on ... search the web, have a look. Just a taste of how media is presenting the media to different parts of the worlds population... or maybe americans just arent that interested? Anyway with media keeping it as "real" as that, how can we moan that our American cousins know nothing about the world. Search You Tube for an inter- esting video on the subject.

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