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50 REGGAE / DANCEHALL I-WAYNE 'Satisfy Her', 'Lava Ground' and 'Living in Love' are just a few of the hits under this skilled lyricist's belt and now he's back with his third studio album Life Teachings. Katrina Taylor How was your stage name conceived? A friend by the name Groundfyah gave me that name. You were in a group called Vibes Machine, is this where your musical career started? Yeah that was from school you know, high school days. Your first popular track was 'Satisfy Her', did you think that the song would have been renowned worldwide? Nah, I wasn't sure you know. I just did it and set it as best as I could. Who were your musical inspirations growing up? Well just to name a few my inspirations are people like Sizzla Kalonji, Beres Hammond, Anita Baker, Sade, I listen to Marley, Peter Tosh and Freddie McGregor. A whole lot of good birds, you know. How does Rastafarianism influence your music? First of all I'm preserving life, it's what I'm about. I'm always chanting you know about life, repping for life in a sense. It's a positive influence and it makes it much easier because it's not only what I'm chanting or singing about but I'm actually walking the walk. That's the way I live. Your third album is called Life Teachings, what is the concept behind it? It was 'Lava Ground' to Book of Life so from Book of Life it's straight teachings, so in retrospect life teachings. It's good to spread knowledge but of course the teacher has to know before they could share it with the children, right? So basically sharing life knowledge. On the new album Life Teachings, you collaborated with Assassin on the track 'The Fire Song', how was it working with him? It was easy you know because Assassin is a very skilled and creative yute, so it was easy and you know he's a bright yute as well. Yeah definitely. When working on an album how do you decide which artists should feature on it? It depends on the feeling, the vibe, the mood and the tune you know. Like the track with Etana called 'Life Joy'. I just called her and I gave her the idea and she liked it. She linked me and we wrote it and worked on it. Which other artists would you like to collaborate with in the future? It's an unlimited thing, probably someone like Beres Hammond but it's an unlimited vibe. There is also a documentary entitled Life Teachings, because like many in the documentary 'Living In Love', is a favourite track and the performance was highly energetic. What was the crowd's response like when performing that song? There is always a positive response and vibe, you know. The response is always great still whenever I perform that song. Did the documentary get good feedback? It hasn't been aired much yet. We still have some videos to do, maybe they haven't played it yet. What can we expect from you in the future? (Laughs) I'll be on the same track, I'm not going to change my style now. I'll be promoting goodness, promoting life as I told you before I'm a repping for life; so in the future I'll be repping for life the same way. If you could have a swimming pool full of anything, what would you fill it with? Probably some nice stones, yeah precious stones. It could give it a natural river vibe, yellow, red, purple and all different types of stones. The ones that gives energy, optimism and strength you know, that would give off the effect of the floor of a river you know what I'm saying? Yeah I feel you. If you were trapped on a desert island, what three famous people would you take with you? Sade, Anita Baker and Sizzla Kalonji, a proper balance. We'd be like a big family! Good selection. So do you have any exclusives for The Guestlist Network? No I haven't thought of it as yet (laughs). No, nothing as yet. You must have something exclusive? Probably relocate to Africa and live there. To spread the love over there? Yeah! You think that's a good choice? Yeah. Definitely as you're a Rastafarian, it sounds like a good plan! GUESTLIST.NET Issue 34 / December 2011 The album Life Teachings is now available so grab yours today. To find out what I-Wayne's getting up to check out his Facebook page OfficialIWayne

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