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46 INDIE / ROCK GUESTLIST.NET Issue 34 / December 2011 THE ANTLERS The Brooklyn based band were in London last month and they just had to drop in to tell us about their desert island dreams Polly Holton You played in Bristol last night, how was that? Yeah, we played at Fun On The Boat. It's docked, it was cool. Then we went to a cider house that was also on a boat; everything in Bristol has to be on a boat. But its nice to be back in London. I'm comfortable in London. How did you find Brighton? I liked Brighton a lot but I wish you could get some sun. We've played there a few times, at Conchord two (check) and one of our old TMs lives in Brighton so it feels like a homecoming. You played loads of festivals over the summer, any that stood out? Around the UK? Yeah, we had really good fun at Green Man. There's that family vibe, its chilled. And you played Reading and Leeds as well, just a little less chilled... Yeah, but for us, its a lot less hectic. It was fun, the shows went really well. We were in Mexico City a few weeks ago and that was as good as you'd expect. We're really fortunate. With the new album, Burst Apart, were you conscious of moving away from the idea of a concept album? We thought we'd see if we could have a go at another concept record but pretty much from the start it felt forced. It was nice to be able to say creatively, we'll literally try anything and then you pick up the good bits and build on that. Did you feel like you had more freedom writing Burst Apart? Yeah, although that's good and bad. Freedom provides more risk taking but puts more pressure on you. The other way is simpler for me, we're given an idea and I say we could try this, or this...I enjoyed both. There's so many different styles on the album. Is that something you did together or do each of you bring something different? As a band on tour, everyone's going to discover 'hey, oh you like this record?', cool, so we found out what we didn't know about our musical tastes. But we didn't always discuss everything, sometimes I'd have a concept and try sneaking it in. Talking about influences, what artists influence you? What do you listen to when you're on the road? Today, I listened to that SBTRKT record, like that one and the new Feist one, which for the future? Hospice was a very do-it- yourself record. Any advice for aspiring musicians to get their music out without the backing of a record label? First off, its a blessing now that the internet has become everybody's tool. We decided to self-release Hospice and give it away for free, get it into as many ears as possible. With touring, you have to find the right time to "Freedom provides more risk taking but puts more pressure on you." is good but she's always good. Before we wrote Burst Apart, I rediscovered a lot of R&B. Not just the older stuff, but the more new soul, neo soul. Things like Sade and D'Angelo. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. You can't go wrong with a bit of Lauryn Hill. There you go, she is fucking brilliant. get yourself out there. If you go too soon you can be in a bit of a vacuum, no one comes to see you and that's depressing and tough. We've had gigs playing to three people. They suck but you power through and learn a lot. You've released the companion EP (together) on the 22nd November with that awesome cover of The XX's VCR. Have you got more covers planned Yeah but I'm not sure I can let you know about that yet. We're definitely thinking about throwing some into the live set but I'd love to be able release a cover. 2011 has been crazy for you, what were the highlights? Well last year we played at Radio City Music Hall with The National; that was a dream come true. This year, I'd have to say playing on Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. That was a 'wow' moment. And all the places that we've been that we hadn't been to before. What's the plan for 2012, having a rest, more touring, back in the studio? I don't know what rest means... for the holidays we'll have a bit of a rest. But because we have our own studio, we'd like to get some new ideas down. We'd like to release something without having to wait so long in between. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything (except water) what would you fill it with? I think maybe those gold chocolate coins. They'd probably melt though... Which three famous people, dead or alive, would you take to a desert island? No pressure there. I would take George Clooney, I feel like his lifestyle suits me...Ricky Gervais is hilarious and how about Jon Stewart. A bit political and for once I wouldn't be the funniest guy in the room. If you were invisible for a day, what trouble would you get up to? I don't want to say anything cheeky... Sneaking into the girls sauna...or maybe, I might wanna sneak in on someone's chat session to a therapist. Well yeah I'd sneak into the girls sauna, but my official answer is the therapist one. Do you have an exclusive for The Guestlist Network? Just lots of exciting things coming up and the EP (together) that's out now!!! Keep connected at

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