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Issue 34 / December 2011 GUESTLIST.NET "The name that I use is Fresh, as I'm always trying to do new things whether they work or not, I'm always trying to come up with something new." DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS 43 7 DJ FRESH After almost 15 years on the scene, this guy is finally getting his just rewards. Tarquin Knowledge magazine once described you as perhaps the most influential drum and bass producer that we've known. How does it feel knowing you have that legendary status? It's amazing obviously, I'm not really sure if I deserve it but I've been making drum and bass for a long time and made a lot of big drum and bass tracks so yeah it's great to be honest. You've played across the whole world, you've done some huge festivals. You've already got Hideout planned for 2012. If you could pick one gig, what would that gig be? You know it probably doesn't even really sound that glamorous because I've done so many gigs all over the world in some really nice places but the LED Festival this year was amazing. I don't know why but there was something about it; might have been the guy that climbed up on the roof during my set and had to be pulled off but it was a really good vibe and surrounded by really cool people. I really, really enjoyed that and I think the thing at the moment is that there is kind of a revolution going on with underground music. This year and last year for me has been sort of like an awakening of seeing it happen and after all the work that myself and everybody else in the scene put into it, it's just been exhilarating and seeing all this change happening and everything growing and building. I think everything that has really happened this year has been amplified because of that. You've always made music that people love. Music is always evolving, how do you find the sound that people love? Well the main thing is I don't stop trying to change what I'm doing you know because a lot of people would do one thing that is really successful and then almost feel scared to try and do something else. When I did my first really big drum and bass track which is called 'The Code' and that was years ago this guy said to me "Dude you must be really worried how are you going to follow that up?" It really freaked me out, I had loads of sleepless nights worrying about it and I just thought you know I'm not even going to try and follow it up, I'm just going to try to make something else and luckily that ended up being a big track. It was called 'The Nine' which got voted the biggest drum and bass track of all time quite a few times. I think maybe it was just luck or whatever that I happened to make that track next, it just gave me the confidence to always keep moving. It's kind of coincidental really, the name that I use, Fresh, but it fits because I'm always trying to do new things whether they work or not, I'm always trying to come up with something new. Do you see yourself in ten years from now still doing what you're doing today? I don't think I'll be doing what I'm doing today but I'm sure I'll always be making music in one form or another. Is touring still one of the main things that drives you? Doing a live show is completely new for me and it's something that I've been building towards for years and years, it's something I've always wanted to do and I think that's such an exciting thing for me to finally be able to get on the road gradually building this thing because this is like the beginning of a really long road. I love DJing, really enjoy DJing and having the opportunity to get out there in front the crowds and play my own music but to actually stand up there and play on the keyboard which is what I do in the studio is what I feel like I'm here to be doing so it's really, really fulfilling and exciting for me. Is there any particular preparation you might have to get ready for a gig of this magnitude? Have you got any rituals? Sleep is usually good, I never seem to get any. One thing I have started doing probably sounds really weird I was saying to Fleur who sings in the band the other day because she hasn't done an enormous amount of gigs in front of big audiences and I said to her when you're starting to feel nervous about everything just stop and just think this is what I was put here to do. When you get up there instead of feeling pressured by all these people watching just feel like this is why I'm here. Whenever I feel nervous that's what I think about, I don't know if it's actually true but it makes me feel better. You're on a desert island and you need to take three people with you, who are those three people and why? They definitely have to be birds (laughs). (Laughs) Any one in particular? I'm not going to say don't want to get in trouble. I don't know, I think that's a dangerous one to answer really quickly. Probably have to take your parents with you, maybe? Yeah my parents would be there, probably my parents and my girlfriend to be fair and diplomatic. I think you've done it right there, that's alright you'll be fine. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything what would it be? Gold dust. Have you got any exclusives you would like to reveal to The Guestlist Network? Music wise? What stuff we're doing? Any secrets? Ummm, yeah I do but I can't! (Laughs) That's why they are secrets. No problem at all, thank you very much and all the best. Good to meet you! 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