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Issue 34 / December 2011 GUESTLIST.NET DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS 41 7 PHOTO : SHAUN BLOODWORTH MARY ANNE HOBBS She truly is the leading lady in underground electronic music and brought the likes of Skream and Flying Lotus to the forefront of the genre in recent years. Daniel Muldoon @selfishD After a couple of years at BBC Radio 1 you switched to XFM. I noticed that you started at XFM, went to Radio 1, then bounced back, why was that? Well I broadcasted a specialist show on Radio 1 for 14 years and the show was phenomenally successful, I mean we broke all kinds of different artists through that show, you know people like Burial, Flying Lotus and Skream. I'd really felt that I had done as much as I possibly could in the slot that I had at the BBC which was from three 'til four in the morning. I felt that it was my duty really to take the risk and to try to improve the platform both for the artists who are making this extraordinary music and the audience who are so passionate and who has given me so much love over the best part of a decade and a half and Radio 1 weren't really interested in having that discussion with me so I took the decision to resign from Radio 1 and XFM absolutely loved the idea. The boss who I work for at the moment, Andy Ashton, seized the opportunity to do this with me and to put me on prime time radio at seven o'clock on a Saturday night. What artist's music have you had on repeat recently? Maybe just something you're rediscov- ering, something that you're just playing over and over again? Something that I'm playing over and over again right now is someone who I am incredibly excited about. A young artist that Scratcha DVA brought to my attention. Scratch, who runs his own label, DVA Record- ings, has dropped a young artist called Joss Ryan, he's literally just turned 19 years old, he's based in Walthamstow in London and Scratch sent me a few tunes from him all of which were brilliant but there was one that I can't stop playing called 'Trust You Too' that I have played on the Saturday show and also on the weekday show to a much broader audience - it's really touched me and he's going to go down a storm. He's learning to DJ, he's never DJ'd before but he's going to put together a mix, his very first mix for the Saturday show in the first week of December. I'm really excited about him. Also I really love a girl called Lianne La Havas who you may have come across, she's 22 years old and she's like a 21st century Billie Holiday, she's just extraordinary and she has an EP out at the moment called Lost & Found. I notice that you are very ar- ticulate and expressive in your use of language from your radio show. Did you study an English degree? God no, no, I left school when I was 15 and a half or 16, I never went to college or university or any thing like that. I ran away from the tiny little village that I grew up in when I was 18 years old and I lived in a bus on a car park on the outskirts of London with a hard rock band called Heretic for a whole year. (Laughs) So no I never went to university or anything like that. You had a break and you went and spent your time mentoring students at Sheffield University for a year. How was that? Well, when John Peel died I made a vow at his funeral to myself that I would take some time out to do that because I had been so fortunate to have John in my life for the best part of a decade as a friend and a mentor to me, unofficially obviously, but he very much fulfilled that role in my life and I recognised how incredibly lucky I had been to be around this wonderful influence, this really brave, courageous, just phenomenal human being and I thought I would like to continue to carry his torch and at some point I would like to have an op- portunity to share some of the wisdom and really encourage people to be brave as broadcast- ers and as people who enter into the media, the next generation you know. I had a year and I mentored 700 students at Shef- field University Student Union last year and it was a fantastic experience, it was a really won- derful, wonderful time. What makes a good music journalist or good broadcaster in your eyes? Somebody who will charge at their dreams and never look back and somebody who is really passionate and uniquely devoted to what it is that they believe in I suppose. Somebody who is brave and courageous and intelligent and ingenious and prepared to stand their ground for what they believe in. You are somehow exiled to a desert island, what three fa- mous people, dead or alive, would you bring on? John Peel because he is my dream dad and he is the father that I never had. I would bring Chris Morris the British comedian that made Brass Eye the TV series and the film Four Lions, who is my favourite agent provocateur (laughs) and really is the most recklessly brilliant comedian of all time as far as I'm concerned. He would endlessly entertain. I would also probably bring my brother because I love him! What are your future plans? I did some work with Darren Aronofsky on the soundtrack for Black Swan. I helped him put together all the music for the club scenes and the bar scenes in that film. I'm very much hoping at some point to have to op- portunity to do some more soundtrack work. For the time being it's really getting these incredible new XFM shows grounded and the vital science is absolutely amazing, the listening figures that we've had, all the hits that we get on Mixcloud for the archives that we've put up there and the podcast that we've just launched, they're all doing incredibly well but I really need to devote quite a lot of time and energy just to really grounding those shows. XFM has been so supportive and so incredibly bril- liant, I really want to deliver on my promise to them which is that I will make these shows absolutely burn, so this is my absolute priority at the moment. I love it here, it's fantastic, I couldn't have made a better move in my entire life than com- ing back to XFM, I'm so happy to be here and like I said I want to deliver on all of my promises to them so that's what I'm really focused on in the next 12 months. Tune into the Mary Anne Hobbs XFM shows Music: Response every Monday to Thursday from 8-11pm and the weekly Saturday evening show from 7-10pm on 104.9 FM in London on 97.7 FM in Manchester and across the country on digital and online at

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