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40 DnB / DUBSTEP / BREAKS INTENSE RECORDS One of Essex's most trusted inde- pendant record stores. GUESTLIST.NET JAMES BLAKE The London based experimental dubstep artist who mixes up his gigs with both DJing and live acts had a chat with us about touring, new releases, and desert island friends! Issue 34 / December 2011 Intense Records is an established underground music specialist based in Chelmsford supplying all the latest vinyl, CDs, head- phones, speakers and DJ equipment. They sell music in all formats across a range of genres but specialise in drum & bass and dubstep and also have a huge selec- tion of second hand records from the '60s to present day - perfect Christmas presents alongside the DJ lessons they also offer! Visit them this Christmas where there are some great offers and discounts hap- pening. Don't forget to sign up as an Intense member to receive 10% off online. You can also go and see them for any sound and light equipment to buy or exchange - check out www. to find out more. Keep it Intense! UKF Bass Culture November 25th @ Alexandra Palace Jenny Jahans Hey James! You were touring recently, where did you go? I've been everywhere really, we've just come back from Japan. Japan! How was that? Was it a different kind of crowd? It kind of was. I got a strange and amazing kinship with the crowd in Japan. I think in England we might have more in common with the people of Japan than we might think. Yeah. I think with the whole new bass music sound, I can see there's quite a connection there. Well, well, well. What a night this was. If you didn't see it, you prob- ably heard it. Undoubtedly the biggest Drum and Bass event of the year saw UKF Bass Culture take over Alexandria Palace for a heart- pounding, mind-blowing all nighter - featuring the biggest names and biggest beats around. Headlined buy drum and Bass legends 'Chase and Status' theā€¦?..thousand strong crowed were pumped - and who wouldn't be with acts like Nero, Skrillex and Radio one's Zane Lowe on the bill? Not to mention Rob Swine and Gareth Mcgrillen of Pendulum fame. The crowd were also treated to the first EVER live performance by the phenomenal DJ Fresh who belted out an in- credible set from inside a pyramid! If you missed it, you missed out. This was one to be remembered/. Thank you Ally Pally, we're still dancing now. Yeah definitely, there's a real connection with the music culture thing and I think even in personality and the general vibe there are more parallels than we are led to believe by the lack of education on the subject. Like we don't learn a lot about Japan over here but I think it's just an amazing place. You recently released the Enough Thunder EP? Enough Thunder was largely done just between recording re- ally, it didn't happen at home in Enfield in the same way that the album did. It was for me just a collection of songs that I'd been working on that I really liked and I didn't want to just save them for another album, you know. So are they more of a live band sound, do they have a lot of vocals on them? Well yeah some do have vocals. They're all my vocals that I've sampled into my production. You recently collaborated with Bon Iver... Yeah we did a song together which was great, he's someone that's always been a big influ- ence for me so it was great to finally do something together. The tune came out in August this year. Is there any one else you'd like to work with? I think at the moment I mostly just want to work with my band and see what happens with that. I've been working with them on the live shows but it would be really nice to get them in on the record as well, the next record. It would be a good idea to get them involved in the more electronic beats as well, it could really give it its own unique feel. Yeah, of course. So what do you think you'd be doing if you weren't making music? I don't know. I suppose I'd be a virgin! That's the Peter Crouch approach to that question isn't it! Haha! How far do you want to have come with your music in 10 years? I think the goal, if anything, is just to keep being able to com- promise and do a mixture of making people feel real tangible emotion about music but also make them dance sometimes - or most of time, or together, or all of the time! It depends what kind of stuff I'm doing but I don't separate emotion from dancefloor. How do you think your music has changed since 'Air and Lack Thereof?' Was that the beginning of this whole sort of dubstep-side to your music? I'm very much conditioned by my surroundings when I'm making music and if I've spent a lot of time in clubs then I end up writing clubbier music, which was the case when I wrote that song. If I'm spending a lot of time going round on a tour bus then my music reflects that. There's gonna be an EP coming out on R&S Records that will feature three much clubbier tunes. Hopefully that will go down well! I'm really excited because it means I've got some more new material to play and I'll be playing a lot more DJ sets. If you were trapped on a des- ert island which three famous people would you bring with you? I'd need a story teller... Probably Arlo Guthrie. Also someone to play music with... I'm thinking dead people. I'd probably want to get off this island wouldn't I? So I think I'd also bring Chris- topher Colombus. The third person would be... Bear Grylls! If you were invisible for a day, what would you get up to? I'd probably be a bit scared and would be worried about when I was gonna turn back to normal and not be invisible anymore. I'd want my solid status back! Maybe I'm not quite as adven- turous as these questions are hoping! Have you got an exclusive for The Guestlist Network? Well we're bringing out a few new tunes for the UK shows and they won't be played anywhere else until then! Some stuff that will go down well in Manches- ter's Warehouse Project. So they're gonna be pretty epic then? Well we'll see! Keep up to date at and Twitter @jamesblake

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