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Issue 34 / December 2011 GUESTLIST.NET HIP HOP / RNB 35 7 T PAIN The Auto-Tune master is back with his fourth album 'rEVOLVEr' featuring collaborations with Wiz Khalifah and Chris Brown. This Grammy award winner gave us a hot minute. Oshi How's it going T- Pain, you feeling good? Yeah. It's a little cold over here, but I am good. It's a pleasure to speak with the singer, song writer, rapper, record producer, dancer, actor, Grammy award [Laughs modestly] You started at a very young age. Am I right in saying that you started making music at 10 yrs old? That's right, that's right, it's what I do. You've got a very distinctive style, how did you come to sound so different? I guess I just wanted to be different, you know what am saying, because I know how to look at everybody else, and look at their style and make sure I don't do any of that. It's just I wanted to be different. OK, so how was it growing up in the south? Oh you know, it's the south, so there's a lot of countryville going on. You might have to survive a little bit more, you know, its really about life survival. That's what I like about the south, its about life and living and doing your thing. So am I right in saying that your first big break came with Akon? Yeah, that was my first big break, like my first big deal. That must have been fun signing with konvict music. You've been on a few labels and now you're with Young Money... Yeah it was just a big opportunity. Lil Wayne's obviously a big player in the hip- hop scene and its good to be a part of the label. You were off the scene for a little while working on your new album. What else did you get up to while you were off? I mostly just relaxed and ran the label, Nappy Boy Entertainment. So you have got the new album now, how have you evolved for this new album? I've just made sure all the elements are as tight as they can possibly be as far as production and singing goes. I had a bit more time to work on things so hopefully it all came out right. How did you hook up with Lilly Allen? I heard one of her songs when I was on hold calling up the Apple Store, I sampled the song right after for 5'0 Clock and made it my mission to find out who sang it. How did the water fight go with Chris Brown, I heard you been shooting up the place? I deffinitley won that battle. You know man, it was fun, you know what am saying? It was the last day of the tour so I made sure I went out with a bang. But I heard that they destroyed your tour bus? Well you know, they destroyed the outside of it, but I got him way worse... His tour bus is looking way worse than mine right now. As long as you won, just as long as you won... That's what it's all about So now your going to do your thing and rise? Yeah, that's what it's all about! If you could fill a swimming pool up with anything in the world, what would it be? Wow! With Chocolate I think. If you could change one law in the world? I think no more speed limits would be good for me. What cars are you driving at the moment? Well I've got a Ducati and a thing for Bugatti, so it's all about that. When I'm not driving one, its Keep up to date with T Pain at something close because they're the best drive. No more golf carts for you? No, no more golf carts... [Laughs] [T Pain had an accident in a golf cart] When you next in London? I have the album coming out so I'll be over pretty soon. I love the fans over there and I'll be over soon to celebrate the release of rEVOLVEr.

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