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30 HOUSE / ELECTRO GUESTLIST.NET JOE LE GROOVE INTERVIEWS Issue 34 / December 2011 BEN POUND AND ALI LOVE @ Ali Love's house ALI LOVE & BEN POUND Ahead of the party Return to the Future, we spoke with best mates promoter Ben Pound and the singer on Jamie Jones' Hot Creations imprint, Ali Love. Joe le Groove So Ben, what's happening? Ben: Zipping around, still doing the festivals, launch parties and the fashion stuff. You've been doing that for some time now. Can you tell our readers about your background? Ben: Kind of like film production from about eight years ago and then we hooked up with the Sundaze boys in year one of Secret Sundaze and then just started hanging out with them. Then I just fell into this role where I was using my production skills helping them put on their raves and working with Kristoph and we also helped out Rob Star from Mulletover then we started our own party at On The Rocks which is now called Basing House on Kingsland Road. It started as a bit of an accident actually, it was just a photo shoot. (Laughs) A photo shoot that turned into a party? Ali: Basically it was a photo shoot for the drug dealers. (Laughs) Nah it was for our group called Ignition which was me, Marcus J Knight and Eon (RIP) who sadly isn't with us no more. I used to live above the place...oh God, I'm glad I survived. They were heavy party times. They sure were! Ben: So they did the Ignition photo shoot for the first release that turned into a big party. It was such a laugh we were like we should do this more often and so we did it monthly. We called it Night Flight after the track, it's on YouTube check it out, good, classic track. It went on from there really, we got up to various shenanigans off the back of it. So tell us about your party Return To The Future. Ben: Me and Ginger Will who has been around for donkeys, he used to run a party called Private back in the day. That was a party I forgot to mention as well. We hadn't done a party for nine years since we first started Night Flight. Will Nustedt is a good friend of ours from a rebel agency and he used to live with Jamie up until very recently, Seth Troxler and the Visionquest boys became friends through visiting Detroit and stuff. Basically it was like we just needed to do a party and they were like you need to do a party, I was like hang on I'm bored to death with helping brands pretend to do a party, I said let's go back to the source and make something special. Me and Will joined forces and we have just been into it ever since, we called up Kenny and Johnny from Art Department and they came on board, of course Ali had to come on board with some of his smashes of recent. It was like we are best mates so that was an easy choice,straight away. I also met Bill Patrick which is another guy I met from travelling around and Alexis Raphael is someone that I met at Sonar this year and he has some killer tracks going on right now. We're expecting some really cool productions on this because that is your background. Ben: We're going to turn warehouse parties on its arse! You're going to turn it out basically? Ben: Yeah we're gonna turn it out. We will be taking empty concrete shells and then fill them with magic basically. A lot of what happens these days promoters don't want to spend money on that stuff but I own it. Ali: I reckon they're going to do it properly you know, you get a lot of peckers to these parties but they just don't have the calibre. I think we'll just smash it. Luca is coming on board next year as well to resident for us for all of the parties next year; he's done a killer mix of recent that has had an insane amount of airplay. Ben: This is Ben Pound and we have got our party Return To The Future 16th December at a secret warehouse location. We are going to have special guests coming out of our arse, it's going to be amazing! Check out Return To The Future 16th December at a secret warehouse location JOE LE GROOVE┬┤S TOP 10 1. Deadecho - Chinese Whispers (Alex Arnout) - Flumo 2. Alex Flatner - Break the House (Deepgroove) - Circle Music 3. Devlin Black - Dirty Girls (Massimo Zito) - Night Of The Living 4. Latenightlife remixed - The Nine in One (Subb-an remix) - My Favorite Robot Records 5. Jib Rafil - Indian Summer - Brake Horse Records 6. Luke Solomon - Ultrasound (Losoul remix) - Fullbarr 7. Joe Le Groove & Massimo Zito - All She Wants - Brake Horse Records 8. White Lions - Hjob - My Favourite Robot 9. Infinity Ink - Games - Hot Creations 10. Gatchamen - What You Looking At - CDR

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