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Issue 34 / December 2011 GUESTLIST.NET FILM 25 7 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 GHOST PROTOCOL Tom Cruise's fourth outing in the spy franchise pulls out all the stops. Say what you will about Tom Cruise but after 30 years in the business he's still the definition of charisma. And as both producer and star of the Mission Impossible franchise, he's also the beating heart of what's always been a thrilling series. Like the Alien and Paranormal Activity movies, the Mission Impossible films stayed fresh thanks to their relentless swapping of directors. Brian De Palma, John Woo and J.J. Abrams have all graced the franchise with their directorial presence, so who next? Well, where the Bourne films are all rather sleek and sophisticated, there's always been an undercurrent of fun run- ning throughout the adventures of Ethan Hunt. Perhaps hoping to explore this side further, the powers that be have elected Brad Bird – director of such Pixar gems as The Incredibles and Rata- touille – to helm this reboot. After the bombing of the Russian Kremlin, fingers are quickly pointed at the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). With the russians claiming it to be terrorism, the US government launch an operation entitled 'Ghost Protocol' – disbanding the IMF but secretly allowing Ethan and his team to discover who was really behind the event in Moscow. If you've caught a glimpse of the trailer, then you've most likely experienced a bit of vertigo at the sight of Mr. Cruise scaling the worlds tallest building. It's one of many inspired moments, filmed with IMAX cameras and ready to test even the hardiest of nerves. Despite being rela- tively new to live action cinema, Brad Bird makes sure every action sequence is exceptional and a little bit nuts (at one point, Cruise runs towards a sandstorm). If you're looking for something deliriously entertaining this holiday season, look no further. horror Get Poynt and get there. Get local listings, maps and directions, movie times, trailers and tickets, restaurant listings and reservations. Get the app that takes care of everything. Download the app free on your smartphone at

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