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Issue 34 / December 2011 GUESTLIST.NET TRAVEL 21 7 VIEW 1998 from the bottom of South America d by any form of transport. Still on his journey pic tale... would include the Darien Gap and then Alaska. The Darien Gap is a notorious region that borders Colombia and Panama, where Central and South America meet. This region is a heavily contested, lawless jungle with vast river systems and swamps creating a nearly impenetrable landscape. Within this are hidden cocaine plantations, competing cartels, warring guerrilla groups and embattled government troops. The two month ordeal from Medellin in Colombia to Panama City was perhaps the scariest and most demanding section on the journey so far. I faced down guns, talked my way out of numerous situations, faced hunger and sickness and then imprisonment in Panama. I spent four days swimming down a river, hidden amongst floating vegetation. What have you learnt about the world during your travels? Well, it's big... and full of decent people willing to help a stranger and to whom, I am eternally indebted. One of those aforementioned surprises is just how friendly the majority of people are. 99% of those I have come across have displayed only the best of humanity. It's been really quite inspiring. Why have you had a break in your expedition and when do you think you will get back on the road? It's not a planned break, it's a series of challenges that have put the brakes on hold for the movement. I found myself in an environment where one can't just 'man up' and live on a wing and a prayer with a pocket full of rice like I used to, the objective is to get home on foot, not in a box. I have been restricted to seasonal travel for a while now. Do you still search for financial or material support? At the moment things are looking potentially better than they have in a long while. With the help of new partners from New York and Los Angeles, we are working on a TV production deal that could well see me supported for some time to come. We hope to see the deal finalised this summer. How long will it be until you have completed your trip and return to your hometown in England? I believe 4-5 years would be a reasonable time frame. This is where obtaining a visa waiver could make all the difference, greatly affecting the time span. Then what... the moon? We should be thinking bigger… we should be headed for Mars and only as a refueling depot for the trip to the Jovian moons and beyond, this is our calling and we grow weaker every day that we hesitate and procrastinate. For more information on his Karl's travels go to or find him on Facebook under Karl Bushby. 01455 897802

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