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20 TRAVEL THE SCANBALT EXPERIENCE Experience Russia with no Visa! Scanbalt Experience focuses on fun, inexpensive trips in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region including Russia. The area has great cities like Riga, Copenhagen, Stockholm and St Petersburg where you find great shopping, culture and awesome night life. If you prefer nature you can experience unique places like the fjord region in Norway, Lapland in the winter or the impressive lake areas. With Scanbalt you can experience all this together with our crew and other travelers 18 to 30 something. We have the local knowledge and can take you off the beaten track at a low cost! GUESTLIST.NET "The mission is to travel only on foot from the bottom of South America back to the United King- dom, I will not use any form of trans- port to advance the journey." KARL BUSHBY Issue 34 / December 2011 Check out our website for Upcoming party cruises, Lapland winter trips or VISA free Russia travels. Don't miss our legendary Christmas and New Years specials! KARL BUSHBY INTERV The adventure began on foot on 1st November 1 travelling back to the United Kingdom unassisted home nearly 14 years later he is here to tell his ep Aloïs Castanino Can you introduce yourself for those who don't know you? I am Karl Bushby, I'm 41 years old and I am from Hull in Yorkshire. I was formerly in the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment and presently I am on a global journey. The mission is to travel only on foot from the bottom of South America back to the United Kingdom, I will not advance the journey at all using any form of transport. Neither will I return home at any point until I arrive on foot. I am now twelve years into this journey. How many men wake up one morning and think "Today, I'm going to cross the world by foot"? In other words what made you take on this epic journey? You don't wake up one morning and decide to do something like this. It happens slowly, spanning years. The question 'why' is the most complex and difficult to answer, yet of course, the first most people ask. It was the combination of personal events and interests that can be traced back as far as childhood in some cases. There is not enough space in this interview for me to spell it out… and I'm not sure if I even could. What was the reaction of your family and friends? No one took me seriously at first, as you can imagine, so it took a while for everyone to understand that this idea was about to become a reality. How did you prepare for such an adventure and who helped you? I received all the physical and mental preparation I would need whilst in the army. I knew my limits but believed the task at hand was certainly achievable, despite the naysayers. However, I was unable to convince anyone else to the same degree and as such I failed to find any backing or support. So, burning all my bridges, I left the UK with nothing other than a few hundred dollars in my pocket. What has been the best part of your travels? There are too many to choose just one. Considering the scale of this endeavor and the time I have been on the ground, you will appreciate there are innumerable memorable moments, encounters and places. On a larger scale for me the journey breaks down into distinct phases; Patagonia, then the Atacama and the coast of Chile and Peru. Then Ecuador and Colombia, next the Darien Gap, beyond that Central America. Up through the USA and Canada, next Alaska, the Bering Strait and finally Russia. Each had its own distinct feel and character, its own set of obstacles and environmental challenges, its own highlights and low points. What has been the worst part of your travels? You must have had some sticky situations? A few times things looked a little grim. The most difficult scenarios

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