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Issue 34 / December 2011 "Hmmm...haha, Alfredo seafood pasta." JASON DERULO DANNY DAZE "Gummy bears." ROSKA "I'd fill it with Vimto!" K-TEE "Salami!" T-PAIN "Chocolate" GUESTLIST.NET THE GUESTLIST NETWORK L-VIS 1990 ICICLE "Grape soda, there are just not enough grape drinks in the UK." ASKING ALEXANDRIA "Jelly! I bet everybody says that but I really want to know what it feels like to jump into a pool of jelly." AMON TOBIN "I suppose it has to be jelly!" DANNY BYRD "Slush puppy! Full of ice and slush... and all the slush puppy flavourings in there too! Although it might be a bit hard to swim! Ha!" EMALKAY "A swimming pool full of anything, wow... Marshmallows. You could dive in and you wouldn't hurt yourself, it's soft and I really like marshmallows." YELLE "Almond milk and mini marshmallows." BEN HOWARD "Millions, you know the sweets? They're fantastic, we could have a Millions party! Not the blackberry ones though. I was going to say whisky but that would be wrong!" JOEL ORTIZ Water. I don't want anything else. I'm not down with any materialist. All the good things in life. Maybe Jack Daniels. RICHIE HAWTIN Water because I swim every morning NICKY BLACKMARKET Those floating lilos because I can't swim! TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB Most people would put water in it right ? I'd like to have a little swim so.. I think it would be pretty disgusting to swim in anything else . Money , I guess. Drugs ! CULTS "I'm going to be a bit boring and say Jameson, because I think that would last forever!" HARRY SHOTTA "Without a doubt Special Brew." TYLER MAE "We'd have a pool full of tequila!" DJ MARKY "Rum and Coke." "I want to say money or gold but I'd come off sounding really wrong. I'm going to say custard so I could see if it's actually possible to walk on it like they say. You can't swim in it, it's too heavy apparently." DJ YODA "Lucky Charms cereal with milk!" DJ FRESH "I would fill it with Lucozade and I am not being paid to say that! I do actually love Lucozade, although I think it would go flat quite quickly and then it would be a really bad idea. If I was going to be a bit more sensible...Gold? Diamonds?" JOACHIM GARRAUD "Sushi! A big swimming pool with lots of sushi in it. Sushi with wasabi and ginger." RAY KEITH "Two things, floating in Ribena. Floating in packets of Cad- bury's chocolate. That would make me laugh." DJ VADIM Fill it with my favorite food, but eating only a little portion of that from the pool would make you sick! So I guess maybe full of music ! 15 7 "Hennessy" XZIBIT KILLER MIKE Money BASHER Money!! BUSHWACKA Money

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