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BOOK review A Readable Guide to Cloud Computing "Many of the current generation of corporate decision-makers will have to retire before their organizations can release their psychological commitment to keeping local physical control of data." — Rosenberg and Mateos, "The Cloud at Your Service" "I keep hearing about something called cloud computing. They say it's good for big cost savings, but there's also a question of security. What do you know about it, and do you think it would be right for us?" When your senior partner or general counsel springs this question on you at a staff meeting, this is the book you'll want in the pocket of your laptop case, preferably already highlighted and flagged for apt quoting. "The Cloud at Your Service," by Jothy Rosenberg and Arthur Mateos (Manning Publications, November 2010), not only covers the fundamentals of this hot topic but equips you with tools to help you determine whether, when and how to deploy your IT services in the cloud. Defining Cloud Computing Rosenberg and Mateos recognize five principles as defining characteristics of computing in the public cloud, available to any paying customer. They also explain the various models adopted by organizations utilizing cloud technology. This topic is so new that concepts and terminology are still stabilizing. One of the authors' unstated goals appears to be to contribute clear and useful definitions on their own considerable authority. 74 Peer to Peer

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