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Just Like Athletes… Lawyers Can Benefit from (Business Development) Coaching by Janet Ellen Raasch Mark Beese President Leadership for Lawyers Karen Samuels Jones Partner Perkins Coie LLP Introduction from Betsi Roach Executive Director of the Legal Marketing Association The legal environment of today (and tomorrow) includes increased competition and economic pressure. Law firms aren't only expecting administrative departments to develop innovative programs to improve their firm's profitability, they're demanding greater business development activity results from attorneys to attain — and retain — their partner status. The core of business development is relationship-building — something not taught in law schools. Thus, attorneys are now seeking support and guidance from experts who can make them more effective in building relationships to help them grow their business. Whether titled "marketing (or business) development staff," "consultant," "coach" or something similar, these key players in the legal industry help attorneys focus on action steps to achieve results in building both relationships and the firm's bottom line. P Bob Weiss Founder, President and CEO Alyn-Weiss & Associates rofessional athletes rely on their coaches — experienced individuals who help them hone their performance skills, create focused competition strategies and maintain a high level of motivation over the course of a career. Similarly, a good coach can help any lawyer who is thrown into the competitive arena of business development. • Business development skills are rarely taught in law school; if these do not come naturally, a coach can help. • A business development strategy is hard to formulate in the daily scramble to produce quality work for your clients; if such focus does not come naturally, a coach can help. • The motivation to engage in business development activities runs hot and cold. It may be sparked by a good article, speaker or training session, but can be difficult to maintain. If you find it difficult to stay motivated, a coach can help. Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 69

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