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words play on Crossword by Myles Mellor Crossword fans, take a break from work with a little fun related to our theme of "Professional Services." ACROSS 1 6 Quality of formulating correct strategies and the ability to get people to get them executed Unwanted email 10 Ability to see ahead with imagination 13 Focus (on) (2 words) 14 Disbursement voucher, for short 16 End of year, abbr. 18 Internet address 19 See 7 down 22 French, abbr. 24 Longing 25 Win a motion, e.g. 27 It's moved by a mouse 31 "Numb3 __" TV show 32 Holds onto top performers, e.g. 33 Shared knowledge and values of a firm 35 Apple's mobile operating system 36 ___ competencies 40 Strives 41 "Show and tell" for a client 43 Marketing medium on the decline? 44 Student loan, for short 45 Medical show 46 Establishing a company as an effective and informed group of people working toward the same goals (2 words) 50 Software recipient 51 Driver's __ 52 Gym equipment 53 Sci-fi writer __ Doc Smith 54 Anchorage locale 55 Key mobile item in business promotion and information sharing 56 Kind of computing that enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 Secure, a new account for example Off-roader's purchase, for short Made better Science of getting high search engine rankings for key words Trendy Process of obtaining the skills, qualifications and experience that allow you to progress in your career (see 19 across) Screens Customer Service section giving you information 11 Phishing target 12 Secure 15 Security threat 17 Stout relative! 20 Watch closely 21 As soon as 22 Predicted 23 Beliefs and ethical outlook 26 Kind of feeling 28 Four Corners State, for short 29 Indian actress and international star (last name) 30 ___ite (at the company's location) 32 Data compilations and storage 33 System and strategy for managing a company's interactions with clients and sales prospects 34 Consumption 37 A well-____ machine 38 Central and most important part 39 Internet marketing tracking statistic 41 _____ up new business 42 Becomes more relaxed and genial 47 Plan out in detail 48 Des Moines' state 49 ____ targeting, using prospects' location as part of a marketing campaign 50 Note____ www Find the answers online at Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 103

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