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June 2011

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n PARMA COMPANY Parma, Idaho Defoliator Parma sugarbeet defo- liators come in various sizes to accommodate the grower’s specific harvesting conditions. Each of the models is designed with simplicity for economical defoliat- ing. The triple rotor drum design produces n AMITY TECHNOLOGY Fargo, North Dakota Defoliator Amity Technology sugarbeet defoliators are designed for easy operation, quick adjustment, and minimal wear parts. The triple drum design does an excellent job of defoliating the sugar- beet canopy regardless of its density or condition. Many growers comment that the all-gearbox drive system requires the least amount of adjustment during the harvest, and is the most reliable in the industry. Because of this, used Amity Technology sugarbeet defoliators hold high resale values. n PRO AG EQUIPMENT Grand Forks, N.D. 701-775-5585 WIC Defoliator The WIC harvester and WIC defoliator (haulm gatherer) combined with tractors of class 80/82, Belarus 892 work very well. The defoliator is equipped with operating elements which permit to cut off beet tops with minimal affecting on roots. The equipment is user friendly and requires little maintenance. An additional cutting apparatus is located behind the aggregate and provides high-quality cut- ting. Bearing units are located outside operat- ing area and are protected by shields. The use of this machine provides a very high level of cleaning from beet tops and dirt. The floating knife with a guide block cuts only the top part of the beet, which considerably increases both weight and quality of the har- vested crop. n 21 the cleanest beets ready to harvest. The front drum is designed with a steel front flail rotor to shred and destroy even the heaviest “ropey” tops, allowing for the cleanest harvester function. The updraft action of the steel cup flails provides the best topping of any system on the market. The second and third rubber flail drums will clean and sweep the beet top and row. Each of these drums is powered by simple banded belts drives to keep repair costs to a minimum. Large 24 inch trailing wheels and tires are available to provide smooth, non-slip rolling through wheel tracks and corrugates. Parma defoliators will sustain three different types of scalper options. For example, the simple knifescalper is great for the most economical scalping; the un-powered disc scalper works well for precise, thorough and economical scalping; and the hydraulic driven disc scalper is good for time-proven efficiency.

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