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June 2011

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Beets 2011 Cleaning the TIME TO START TAKING INVENTORY ON HARVEST EQUIPMENT FIELD EQUIPMENT BUYER’S GUIDE n ALLOWAY/STANDARD Fargo, North Dakota Rigid Defoliator Available Models 4 Row 30 - 6 Row 22 6 Row 30 - 8 Row 22 12 Row 22 Designed to produce the cleanest beets in the business, the Alloway defoliator has become the workhorse for beet growers across America. They are great for every growing region and in nearly all soil condi- tions. These defoliators are belt driven from both sides of machine so it is easier to service and less costly to maintain. They offer a choice of Steel L Knife or Steel Cup Knife on the front drum to match various harvesting conditions. The center hanger bearing reduces soil build up on wider machines (8 Row and up) and the hinged PVC top allows for less build up, and easy access to drums to clean and service. It has bolt on flail clusters to make it easy to adapt the machine to different row spacing. Heavy welded on flail mount clips, flail tubes have triple lip sealed bearings and replaceable drive shafts for fast in-field replacement without welding. Heavy duty pull-type hitch with cylinder and hoses makes leveling an easy task, provides durability, and supports the main frame. Molded PVC rear and front shields (steel flails) keep objects inside for extra safety. Hydraulic rear struts with re-phasing cylinders enables even height adjustment to be made from the tractor operator’s seat. Wheel mud scrapers on large wheels aid in reducing mud build up. Shredder Overview From the originator of the Tri-Lateral Hood design and spiral mounted flail tubes; the Al- loway Shredder has shown great performance and durability. The new heavier body, larger aluminum gearbox, 10 inch flail tubes, larger tires and 1000/1500 rpm rotor speed helps keep up to the extra tough crops grown today. 20 Sugar Producer JUNE/JULY 2011 rability and ease of adjustment are prominent features of this product, along with dynami- cally balanced rotors for smooth operation and heavy-duty carrier wheels available in either fixed or steerable. Steel cupped knives on the front enclosed rotor shreds the foliage into smaller sizes and lays them directly into the rows. Rotors 2 & 3 offer added rubber flails to provide the finish work to remove any remain- ing foliage to allow ease of harvesting. n ART’S WAY MANUFACTURING Armstrong, Iowa Sugar Beet Defoliator Model 786 - 4 Row 28”-30” or 6 Row 20”-24” Spacing Model 638 - 6 Row 28”-30” or 8 Row 20”-22” Spacing Model 1222 - 12 Row 22” Spacing Heavy Duty 1000 RPM Gearbox Power Band Belt Drives Easy Access Heavy Duty Belting Cover The Art’s Way 1222HS sugarbeet defoliator offers an innovative design and strength. Du- Even though its summertime and the fields are green and growing one can’t help thinking about harvest. It’s time to look over the equipment and take inventory. Growers are becoming adept at keeping records and it might make preparations for harvest much easier. Many of the harvest equipment manufacturers we showcased in the previous issue are in the business of providing equipment that tops the beets before they are lifted out of the ground. Here are some reminders of the features and benefits from those companies.

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