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The  Approach to Time Recovers Additional Billable Hours Per Month  Attorneentric  Everywhere the attorney works Reporting the attention of the attorney (e.g. “How long was I working on this Word document?”) Controlled by the attorney through opting in and managing privacy Scalable, expensed investment by subscription (starting at $350 per month for 5 timekeepers) Passive, requiring no input by the attorney to get maximum value An information resource to help recover attorney time  it  Limited to the firm’s IT infrastructure “How long was this document checked out from the system?” Pushed onto resistant attorneys who do not need or want the help A firm-wide, capital commitment Popups or interruption to workflow Time entry, or any other workflow tool that requires training Attorneys read a report reminding them of their time Another application attorneys must take time to use *Source: Deck, Raymond H. "Zero Click Time Capture." ILTA White Paper Series (February 2005).  Contact: 617.785.8028 Remember More. Bill More. Collect More. Peer to Peer Since 2003 the quarterly magazine of ILTA 19

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