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general info speakers session info exhibitors & consultants Track Definitions ADERANT Peer Group Track The ADERANT Track provides information on the expanding suite of ADERANT Expert product offerings, software upgrades and corporate information from both a financial and technical perspective. We strive to provide a mixture of experience and information from our member firms as well as ADERANT "experts." Join us to share your experiences with peers and the ADERANT team. APPLICATIONS Track Join us in learning new ways of using and managing standard enterprise-wide applications in the legal industry. We'll examine the capabilities and competitive advantages of practice-area applications, while providing insights into the evaluation, deployment, cost-effective use and management of application software in your organization. We also focus on emerging and innovative technologies utilized by law firms/departments and clients. AUTONOMY iMANAGE Peer Group Track The Autonomy iManage Peer Group focuses on how organizations can leverage and maximize value from their investment in Autonomy iManage products. Autonomy iManage has a suite of products that enable firms and law departments to organize, find and govern their content. These products include technology for managing electronic files, e-mail, documents, records, enterprise searching and e-discovery. BUSINESS STRATEGY Track The Business Strategy Track examines how law firm business strategies and technology strategies can be aligned to better enable firms to compete in the global legal marketplace. Sessions focus on maximizing the value of technology services as they relate to the practice and to clients. We pay particular attention to delivering value in difficult economic times and reference, wherever possible, the Association of Corporate Counsel's Value Challenge as a framework for analysis. ENTERPRISE 2.0 The Enterprise 2.0 track focuses on technologies that alleviate the constraints of legacy communication and productivity tools by providing seamless access to information through the use of these emerging technologies. Enterprise 2.0 is gaining significant traction in our profession due to its flexibility, functionality and reduced resource requirements (manpower, software and hardware costs). Sessions cover social networking software, Internet applications, cloud computing, software as a service, federated search technologies, wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, folksonomies, RSS, mashups and data presentation trends/ technologies. Hear from industry-leading peers and vendors how Enterprise 2.0 is changing the way legal is approaching business computing. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by capitalizing on the collective intelligence available to you via interconnected applications, services and devices. EXECUTIVE Track IT legal technology executives need to run IT as a successful business. They need to evaluate leading technologies to keep their organization competitive in a tight and tough market while maximizing the use of existing technologies to increase the value of services offered to clients and stakeholders. The Executive track involves industry leaders who will discuss, contrast and compare their knowledge and experience on the central role of operational excellence, management from within an organization's business strategy, creation of succession plans and the development of a leadership pipeline. In keeping with our current economic challenges, sessions focus on approaches that integrate new technologies, processes and ideas while keeping an eye on the budget. Come prepared to join in the lively discussions and share your own knowledge with your executive peers! FINANCE Track The Finance Track is designed to help your organization benefit from the latest financial management strategies and techniques. This track will help you gain the knowledge you need to meet the challenges of today's economy. The sessions are future-oriented, focusing on providing value through deeper analysis and insight. Our finance systems no longer operate apart from the rest of our systems; the interdependencies are becoming more complex and the challenges are becoming more difficult to manage. We address the expanding relationship between IT and finance and help provide you with ways to maximize the value of what each team brings to the table. Through presentations by your peers, as well as knowledgeable vendors, you will have the opportunity learn more about existing and upcoming challenges and share ideas with your colleagues. ILTA U Track In response to last year's standing-room only ILTA U sessions, we're expanding capacity and doubling session durations for all four days of conference. Experience hands-on training on a host of hot topics, delivered by knowledgeable speakers with on-the-job experience. You'll be able to roll up your sleeves and apply all the classroom theory to test software, configurations, setups and more. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Track The Information Management Track examines the transformation of legal information management, focusing on new opportunities and the challenges it has created. While we can create and access information with amazing facility, information overload has made it increasingly difficult to manage, store, analyze and summarize this wealth of data. In this track, we hear how legal organizations are addressing issues such as the continuing challenges in e-mail management contact relationship management, and enterprise content management. We explore creation and management aspects of workflow business automation, compliance requirements and the risks of mis-managing data. We also address the intersection of records management and electronic discovery, the use of extranets and much more. INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGIES Peer Group Track Legal technologists are constantly being asked to provide an abundance of services that affect the performance of their environments. These services create many challenges within the industry and among our end-users. Technologies such as VoIP, video (HD video), Storage Area Networks (SAN), virtualization, network intrusion prevention and detection, remote access and e-mail now have a significant impact on our networks and have rewritten traditional infrastructure requirements to expand well beyond "the network." Cross- team efforts are required to explore new capabilities, expanded services, and performance improvements. Striking the proper mix of flexibility, Quality of Service and dependability are key to the team's success. By partnering with vendors and relying on the experience of our peers, this track builds on existing platforms through presentations of new technologies, both mainstream and cutting edge. We provide guidance and talking points for consideration when implementing sophisticated and complex new systems for the legal environment. IT OPERATIONS Track The IT Operations track focuses on a wide variety of issues facing firms of all sizes. We cover the latest trends in server virtualization and data center footprint implications, backup strategies, data management/storage, disaster recovery and more. We offer ideas on providing the best value for your organization by balancing new technology investments/advancements with existing gear. We tackle some of the biggest fears, risks and obstacles of ensuring that your systems are ready for all the technology changes and challenges that lie ahead. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Peer Group Track Sessions in the Knowledge Management Track cover practical, implementable tools and processes that support knowledge sharing and reuse. We highlight real-world examples of these tools and processes, along with cultural and change management issues that must be addressed with any KM initiative. Given the economic climate, the focus of the track is to provide attendees specific ways to get the most value out of resources they already have in place. The goal of the session leaders is to create forums that give attendees pragmatic takeaways to help maximize the success of KM in your organization.

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