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general info speakers session info exhibitors & consultants Session Themes There are a number of themes running throughout the conference sessions this year that cross many tracks. Sessions identified under a theme are listed below, and details can be found in the educational program section. Economic Challenges Approaches, solutions or recommendations regarding how to operate during the current period of challenging economic change. APP8 Web Conferencing Solutions: The Next-Best Thing to Being There BUS5 Legal Technology Strategy in a Downturn: Necessity Is the Mother of Invention FIN1 Benchmarking in a Changing Economy FIN3 Financial Management, Before and After the Challenging Economy FIN6 CFO Roundtable Part II: A Monumental Discussion INFO1 Selling Enterprise Search to Your Organization MRW4 How Much Time Are You Spending on Managing Your Cellular / Wireless Program? RISK2 Can Risk Management Help Grow a Firm's Profitability, Even in Extreme Financial Conditions? Marketing the Firm/Company Marketing of the firm or corporate entity as well as how it is perceived by clients and the outside world. APP3 Podcasting: What, Why, and How? ENT6 Social Networking, Practical Uses for You and Your Firm EXEC6 Executive Image Coaching INFO8 The Marriage of CRM and ERM: Meaningful Integration LIT3 Future of Our Litigation Support Profession: What Lies Ahead? Office 2007 Evaluation, implementation and best practices in the use of Microsoft's Office2007 suite. APP2 Untangling the Office 2007 Ribbon ILTAU07 Designing Templates for Office 2007 with Visual Studio - Part 1 ILTAU08 Designing Templates for Office 2007 with Visual Studio - Part 2 ILTAU11 Office 2007: Customize Your Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and More - Part 1 ILTAU12 Office 2007: Customize Your Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and More - Part 2 MIC1 Office 2003, 2007, 2010: The Jumping Point MIC3 Office 2007 Deployment Tools: Best Practices and Lessons Learned MIC5 MS Office Collaboration Platform OPEN4 Open Text - eDocs DM and Office 2007: Case Study USER1 From The Trenches: Office 2007 Deployment Lessons Profitability Processes and best practices around budgeting, cost efficiencies, benchmarking and revenue generation. BUS2 Litigation Support Technology as a Value Foundation for Clients BUS7 Managing Perceptions of Value EXEC5 Service Delivery for Executives EXEC8 Leveraging Audio Visual / Teleconferencing for Executives FIN2 CFO Roundtable Part I: A Monumental Discussion FIN4 Can You Recover Your IT and Litigation Support Costs? FIN5 Project Expenses - Are You Controlling Them or Are They Controlling You? ITOP4 Managing IT Operations: Bringing the Most Value to the Workplace PRAC1 So You Want To Be a Practice Management Leader: Experts Share Their Success Stories PRAC3 From Good to Great – Take Your Group from Litigation Support Providers to Expertise Ambassadors for Your Firm Process or Procedural Improvements Evaluation, implementation and improvement of products or approaches to maximize the success of legal processes and procedures supported by or to assist with technology. AUTO1 iManage-Determining and Implementing an Information Governance Strategy AUTO3 iManage - Universal Search Case Study AUTO4 iManage: 8.5 Early Adopter Case Study BUS4 Reducing Costs of Legal Research: Best Practices Onshore and Offshore ENT4 Search Technologies in Law Firms ENT5 Using SharePoint to Present Information, Aggregate Data and Add Value EXEC2 Situational Leadership EXEC4 Improving Operational Excellence with Best Practice and Technology IFTC2 Taking a VoIP System To the Next Level: What Else Can VoIP Do For You ILTAU05 Conquering PDFs with An Open Source Solution to a Proprietary Problem - Part 1 ILTAU06 Conquering PDFs with An Open Source Solution to a Proprietary Problem - Part 2 ILTAU09 The Poor Man's IT Toolkit ILTAU10 The Poor Man's IT Toolkit (cont.) INFO3 Automation, Automation, Automation: Business Process Management and Workflows INFO4 Legal Process Outsourcing: An Idea Ahead of Its Time or Just in Time? INFO6 E-Mail Management: To Archive or Not To Archive? INFO7 Data Destruction: Easier Said Than Done ITOP2 Data Center Centralization and Relocation: Lessons From the Field ITOP5 Encryption: Hardware, Software or Cloud ITOP6 Virtualization - Benefits and Pitfalls KM1 Crossing the Chasm: Inter-Departmental Collaboration to Extend Value LAW1 Responding to Government Document Requests LAW2 The Top 5 (or so) E-Discovery Challenges that Corporate Legal Departments Face LAW3 Law Department Roundtable on E-Discovery LAW4 When "Just Do It" Isn't Enough: Writing an Effective Business Case for a Law Department IT Project LAW5 Knowing What You Don't Know: Best Practices to Capture Experience and Expertise within a Law Department LAW6 Law Department Roundtable: Everything BUT E-Discovery LEAD1 Swartworth Leadership Seminar: Ethical Leadership LEAD2 Swartworth Leadership Seminar: Leadership or Management - Style and Content LEAD3 Who I Am Is How I Lead: Self Awareness and Self- Analysis LEAD4 Learn to Motivate Your Team (Are you a Drill Sergeant or a Guidance Counselor?) LIT5 "E-Discovery Reconnaissance" - Early Case Assessment Cracks the Code LIT6 Judges' E-Discovery Roundtable LIT8 How To Structure Your Litigation / Practice Support Department MRW1 Mobile Device Management: Can You Afford (Not) to Go It Alone? MRW3 Beyond the Walls: Remote Tools and Applications to Extend Your Office OSS1 Open Source A-List for Windows OSS2 Firefox for the Law Firm OSS3 TrueCrypt: Best of Breed Encryption OSS4 Unified Threat Management Systems (UTMS) PROF1 Interpersonal Communication PROF2 "Crossing the Generational Divide: Making the Four Generations in Your Workforce a Competitive Advantage in Any Economy" PROF3 Critical Thinking: Take the Time to Think About Thinking PROJ2 Project Management Executive Boot Camp PROJ3 Calling All Stakeholders: Gathering the Right Requirements from the Right People THO1 Thomson Elite: My Firm's Footprint - Do I Upgrade Enterprise or Go 3E? USER2 Template / Macro Package Shoot-Out USER3 Training on the Cheap USER4 Engaging Your Audience: Creating Persuasive Training and Presentations

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