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at the helm 8 In college I was invited to a Christmas party and to get through the doors you needed to bring a present. There was going to be a gift exchange at the end of the night and everyone was told up front that it should be, "The best thing you can buy for $5." Of course, that instruction was subject to interpretation and you could count on a handful of clowns to show up with some type of a gag gift, but for the most part people put a lot of thought into what they could bring. I remember prior to the party standing in the aisles of Wal-Mart trying to get the most out of my $5. Of course in those days it was a regular challenge for my budget as rolling pennies for gas wasn't an unusual occurrence. The girls who were hosting this party were strict on staying within that amount, so I really wanted to show them I could get a lot for Mr. Lincoln. I decided to be practical and I ended up getting $5 worth of gum. And as "luck" would have it, I went home with a stupid eight ball toy. When someone questioned the guy who brought it about it being the best thing he could buy with $5, in all seriousness he replied, "But this eight ball can tell the future!" Sorry, but all this toy told me was he didn't know the first thing about getting the most out of his money. Well 15 plus years later it's even harder to find a lot for your five bucks. However, there is one deal happening in Sep- tember that is better than any $5 foot-long from Subway— admission to the On Water Houseboat Expo. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, for just $5 a day you're through the gates at State Dock on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and front and center for our houseboat show. On September 25, 26 and 27, the National Houseboat Expo will head to the new on-water venue and it could quite possibly be the best show to date. For over 10 years Houseboat magazine has been producing the National Houseboat Expo each spring in Louisville, Ky., but this month we're taking our popular show to a whole new level. Talk about value: here is your chance to meet and talk with the top houseboat manufacturers in the industry as they'll all be together at one location offering boat specials and work- ing hard to earn your business. Plus these boats that range from inland lake use to river houseboating are going to be in the water so you can experience these boats in their true environment. What else do you get for that $5 admission price? Besides the houseboats ranging across the price spectrum, we'll also have exhibitors and vendors on site to cover your aftermarket needs. From bumpers to generators and control systems to sanitation products, it will all be at the Expo along with great gadgets, gear, toys, décor, accessory crafts, and much more. If it is houseboat-related, you'll find it at the first annual On Water Houseboat Expo. Throw in live entertainment, cornhole and a poker run and you've got quite a bargain for just $5 a head. The dock poker run is set up so each stop is accessible by walking, so everyone in the family can play for a chance to win. During this three-day event there will be affordable lodging on land or on the water, plus overnight slips are available. Located on houseboat row, these "Bo-tels" offer a hotel-like stay—but on the water—so you can keep the fun going when the sun goes down. For more information on lodging accommodations visit To pre-order your $5 tickets for the Expo or to get more information on the on-water show, visit Be sure to stop by the Houseboat magazine booth. We're expecting a great crowd – at least, that's what my magic eight ball told me. Brady L. Kay Editor, Houseboat Magazine What Can you Get For Five Dollars? "There is one deal happening in September that is better than any $5 foot-long from Subway—admission to the On Water Houseboat Expo."

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