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Heaven On Cumberland my marina 44 Grider Hill Dock on Lake Cumberland, Ky., is designed for the convenience of all those who love the water. Whether you enjoy houseboats, pontoon boats or fishing, Grider Hill is the place to be. Complete with many options for comfy lodging and a restaurant all within walking distance of each other and the water's edge, this is a great place to visit for an afternoon, the weekend or the entire summer! The 50,000-acre lake, which measures over 100 miles in length, provides a stunning backdrop for the dock. This man-made wonder has a shoreline so extensive that it would take a 1,225-mile voyage by boat to see its entirety. Majestic cedar and pine trees surround the buildings and grow along the shore and foothills of the mighty Cumberland tower. Grider Hill was the brainchild of Bruce Sloan, who had the foresight to bid on and the luck to win what he saw as the most desirable spot on Lake Cumberland. From the very beginning, Sloan imagined a place that would be much more than just a fisherman's camp; he wanted lodging, great food and lakeside cottages all close to each other for the convenience of his guests. Officially named Indian Creek Restaurant and Lodge, the buildings were made of native stone and wood, mined and cut from Sloan's own land. Sloan's son Tony managed the dock for over 50 years before it was sold in 2007. Today, the dock is owned by Jim Fergurado and managed by Rick Mercader, a local to Lake Cumberland. "I tell people I've worked here for 10 years, but I've been here since I was a kid," Mercader said. "I was pretty much raised here on the dock. My grandfather had boats here." Welcome to the new Grider Hill By Brandon Barrus

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