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19 bow to stern 19 September 2009 READER SERVICE NO. 604 READER SERVICE NO. 113 Blue Sea ACR is the only one I am aware of that does have a 60-amp limiter built in. Apparently it is very reliable but it also has a drawback: it cannot be pot- ted so it is not "waterproof." It is best to attach the ACR to a stan- dard battery to "extract" our 60 amps for the thruster battery. We look at it as a buffer between the ACR and the char- ger. As you say, the primary battery will still take the load fluctuations directly from the charger and an acid/lead plate standard battery does that far better than a Gel or AGM. We install thrusters "stand alone," so we look at the rest of the ship's systems only for a way to get the 60 amps. If it is necessary to combine batteries to get what we want then we would increase the size of the primary battery so it would not be necessary to do that. From my perspective, thrusters draw so much amperage that they must be keep isolated from alternators, chargers, and generators. An 8hp electric thruster will draw 650-750 amps on startup and run on 500-650 amps. To read this thread in its entirety, visit the Houseboat forums at www. and search for the "Battery charger help" thread.

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