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bow TO STERN Running Like A Deere New houseboat engine now available Houseboating’s places, faces, views, news, products, and more The PowerTech LIVING ABOARD Still Standing. Thanks to the Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm system, this 20-month-old was rescued after she accidentally fell into the lake at the dock, while friends and family were busy unloading the houseboat. By Janet Groene How Much Can You Handle? when someone goes into the water; however, it doesn’t prevent anything. Second, as advertised, Turtles are not a substitute for vigilant adult supervision of children. And third, two adults must be assigned to watch the children, one at the bow and one at the stern, and those adults cannot have any other as- signments. They must direct all their at- tention to the children. Such action will lengthen the time to load and unload; however, as we learned, those times are the most hectic and it only takes seconds for a child to disappear. I am convinced that the Safety Turtle prevented a serious outcome. The Turtle did not prevent the incident, it only alerted an adult to the situation. I am grateful for the Turtle and know that the system works and probably saved my granddaughter from a much Thanks to this more serious outcome. For more information on the Safety Turtle System visit or call 800-368-8121. 8 comprehensive new site, you’ll get the latest scoop, and that’s important be- cause states can suddenly sunset a tax, provide a tax holiday only on boat sales, or impose Before you attend that winter boat show, take a new look at fees, penalties and mortgage traps that could throw a nasty wake. Even if your houseboat is fully paid for, you could be slapped with a new tax or penalties for an old tax that you never knew existed. Thanks to Boat/US there’s a quick, easy way to see how state taxes will affect you if you buy a boat in one state and license it in another. You can also see what you’ll face if you cruise from state to state, or set your anchor permanently in one state Here is just one example. Sales tax in 6135SFM75 marine engine from John Deere with rated power up to 750 hp (559 kW) is now available. The 6135SFM75 is a compact engine that delivers pow- erful, reliable, and durable perfor- mance for propul- sion, generator and auxiliary applications. For houseboaters in need of a high horsepow- er marine engine this new 13.5L John Deere is worth a closer look. More horses in the engine room aren’t the only things you’ll like about this new engine. Like all John Deere marine engines, it also features low noise, low vibration, and excellent fuel economy. And with high torque at low RPM, you get excellent The hidden anchor in the New York or California is more than eight percent. While your home state will give you credit for tax paid for a houseboat bought in one of these states, you’ll lose money on the deal if sales tax in your home state is only five per- cent. vessel control and maneu- vering. Enjoy all this, along with more power and flexibility, with the new 6135SFM75 marine engine. For more information visit www. November issue was as good as money in the bank, as in the piggy bank. Look closely at the illustration on page 20 for our Living Aboard column that month. Did you spot it? We’ve hidden the same anchor within the pages of our Decem- ber issue. Find it and drop us a note with its location to the email address: The first few to locate the anchor will have their names and city published in an upcoming issue of Houseboat. Good luck! Anchorin department Congratulations to these readers who were first to report the location of the anchor in our November issue: George and Mary Beth Bruss - Mount Dora, Fla. Kimi Brignac - White Castle, La. Terry Jensen - Medway, Ohio Paula Spence - Falmouth, Ky. Jeff Pettit - Maumelle , Ark. Donna and Gary Bailey - Nashville, Tenn. Alan Heath - Winchester, Ky. Kim Krach - Isla Mujeres Yacht Club, Mexico Steve Helfer - Ottowa, Canada Lyn Watters - Akron, Ohio can register your boat online. • Link to the website for the s • Length of time you may kee in that state without registering boat there. The grace period is 90 days, but in some states it is as 30 days and you can stay in C nia up to 120 days. taxes for boats and whether you credit for sales tax already paid the boat in another state. I states, credit is given. • Rate of each state’s sales an •If your houseboat documented, the site whether the state al quires a state deca • The site reve whether the sta sues titles for • Included additional i mation suc Arizona’s n use tax ap only if the is bought dealer, no registered other sta purchase

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