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bow TO STERN Houseboating’s places, faces, views, news, products, and more the boat and the dock, separated by the large bumpers. Taylor had slipped off the dock and had fallen in this space. She was under water, and Pepper imme- diately jumped into the water, grabbed Taylor and brought her to the surface. Taylor was holding her breath, but my conclusion is that she couldn’t have held it much longer. The Turtle alerted Pepper, who immediately reacted. I conclude her ac- tions prevented a serious situation from becoming a tragic one. I also conclude Taylor was underwater approximately six to eight seconds—a long time for a toddler—however, she did not inhale any water. Taylor’s mom and Pepper had both seen Taylor in the kitchen area approximately 20 seconds before the incident. Saving Taylor Safety Turtle alerts houseboating family in time Reader submission by David L. Hughes We had just finished our great week- long houseboating vacation on Lake Powell as we pulled up to the dock and tied off. As we unloaded the houseboat and went to our various vehicles, every- one was also watching out for the little ones. During our trip, we had nine chil- dren under the age of eight, including two babies. All the children wore the Safety Turtle wrist band or life jackets at all times. We had the occasional false alarm, which only confirmed that the Turtles really work when they get wet. While on the dock after several of our children had already departed, there were three adults, four children and one baby on the boat as we were finished up unloading. At some point, everyone was watching the kids. We had one toddler, 20 months old, that kept leaving the helm of the boat and wan- dering out to the bow to see what was going on. Taylor is a typical inquisitive child and she was admonished and instructed to stay inside. Taylor’s dad and I were on shore, loading a vehicle. My oldest daughter Pepper was in the kitchen packing things up when the alarm went off. Pepper quickly surveyed the bow, no child. Then she immediately went to the starboard side that was tied to the dock. There is a space about 10 to 12 inches between December 2010 7 Immediately thereafter, our son Josiah, Taylor’s dad, and I stopped everything and appointed one adult at the stern and one adult at the bow of the boat with the only assignment of herding kids into the houseboat. The lessons learned include: First, the Safety Turtle System is effective in alerting

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