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June 2010

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Strategize Amy runs a Key Facts report to jump-start her summary judgment motion Organize Eric discovers ”bombshell” document, sends it to West Case Notebook® annotates the key section , and Find Bob uses five minutes at the airport to run a search for the evidence for tomorrow’s hearing Draft Mary sends a clip from a pivotal case, along with the case citation, directly into her memorandum OUT-ORGANIZE. OUT-PREPARE. OUT-ANALYZE. West Case Notebook helps you analyze cases with unprecedented efficiency and thoroughness. Accessible anytime, anywhere – so that team members can easily gather, annotate, search and consult: • Key facts • Documents • Transcripts • Pleadings • Legal research • And more! West Case Notebook: there’s no better way to analyze a case. For details, call 1-800-762-5272 or visit © 2009 Thomson Reuters L-353182/10-09 Thomson Reuters and the Kinesis logo are trademarks of Thomson Reuters.

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