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PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS Hubbard One announced the release of Monitor Suite Opportunity Finder, the latest intelligent information business development tool for legal professionals. Opportunity Finder enables marketers and researchers to filter by industry, geography, legal activity and financial status to efficiently uncover targeted business development opportunities, including new customer acquisitions and lateral hires. inData Corporation announced the release of version 6 of TrialDirector, its flagship trial presentation software. This version was designed for Windows 7, Vista and XP and reflects the latest advances in presentation technology, including special effects, touch screen capabilities, and simplified mass deployment and networking to name a few. Index Engines announced the new Tape Assessment Program. This program delivers a customized tape remediation plan to organizations storing large stockpiles of historical backup tapes. The program leverages Index Engines’ expertise and technology for backup tape discovery to formulate a timeline and implementation strategy that will allow even the largest enterprise to cost effectively remediate backup tapes within the confines of their retention policy. Informative Graphics Corporation announced that it is developing integrations for its Brava! and Redact-It products for SharePoint 2010. Together, these products bring the leading multi-format viewing, collaboration and redaction technology to SharePoint, allowing users with non-Microsoft documents to take full advantage of enhanced SharePoint 2010 collaboration and workflow features for all content on-premises, in the cloud or on the go via mobile devices. IntApp, Inc. announced the availability of Activity Tracker 2.0. Activity Tracker is a web-based confidentiality and compliance management application that monitors user behavior and trends in firm document management systems. When activity strays outside of the ordinary, it sends alerts that give management a warning of potential problems and an early opportunity to intervene and protect firm interests. InOutsource announced an expansion of their Client Intake and Workflow services to the legal industry. This service offering puts law firms working with InOutsource in a favorable position to accept engagements that are aligned with their overall business and risk management goals. LaserSubstrates, Inc. announced that its latest generation of Web Certified Mail and Postmaster Plus Certified Mail programs are now available. The latest enhancements to both programs further streamline the process of sending Certified Mail, saving users significant time and labor costs and even postage expense. Liquid Litigation Management, Inc. (LLM) announced version 5.0, which includes streamlined tools that will give users both more control over the speed and efficiency of their review and ensure more organized litigation. Liquid Lit Manager also allows for more efficient review planning through Review Predictor. A clear-cut interface alerts administrators whether a specified review deadline will be met and calculates how many reviewers are needed to meet the goal based on review rates. Merrill Corporation announced the release of Merrill Lextranet 5.9, which incorporates advanced intelligent analytics to speed document reviews and reduce discovery costs by analyzing and organizing documents around key terms, concepts and information flows. In addition, Merrill Lextranet 5.9 integrates non-English language translation into document review workflows. Nextpoint, Inc. announces new scrolling/zooming functionality upgrades to the document viewer in its Discovery Cloud and Trial Cloud applications. Nextpoint’s Discovery Cloud and Trial Cloud are an effective, cost-efficient platform for managing large volumes of evidence for civil litigation in a single, integrated environment. The company has enhanced the platform’s document viewer with the addition of next-generation navigation features, including real-time zooming and scrolling. PensEra Knowledge Technologies announced a new program for law firms called “Quick Start to New Found Time”. The program introduces a new innovative business model for firms to quickly engage in recovering more revenue and increasing the overall effectiveness of their time management process using TimeKM Extend Mobile. RBRO Solutions announced the release of Workspace Management (WM) a snap-in component to the affordable WorkSite System Manager solution. WM is a visual workspace designer allowing the user to automate the generation of new workspaces or update existing workspaces based on changes to the associated templates, complete with the ability to rearrange folders using drag-and-drop and much more. Rocket Matter announced they now offer Rocket Matter Professional Services to minimize downtime as law firms migrate from their old software to the company’s newer Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Rocket Matter Professional Services will now be offered in addition to many already existing free options for data import and training. Rosen Technology Resources announced the release of Polaris, a near-duplicate tool which identifies, groups and provides a review order for near-duplicate documents, according to similarity thresholds established by a user. In addition to providing the standard grouping and best representative data which is typical of near-duplicate analysis, Polaris provides data which reveals relationships beyond those available from traditional near-duping applications, resulting in saved time and cost during the document review process. Smart WebParts announced Smart Time is now available in two editions: Smart Time Professional and Smart Time Enterprise. Smart Time Professional is ideal for organizations that want to provide their timekeepers with time capture reports, but are not yet ready to replace their legacy time entry system. Smart Time Enterprise adds time entry functionality to the system. Software Technology, Inc. announced improved Outlook calendar integration and faster performance for firms using a hosted Microsoft Exchange server. PracticeMaster optionally integrates with Microsoft Outlook, to help users maintain a firmwide calendar and contacts list. When integrated with a Microsoft Exchange server, users have the ability to change other users’ Outlook calendar entries via PracticeMaster. announced the release of the UNIDUPDOCK Hard Drive Duplicator Docking Station, which can be used as either a standalone hard drive cloning station for 2.5” or 3.5” SATA or IDE HDDs (or any combination IDE/ SATA 2.5” or 3.5” drives), or as an external hard drive docking station connected to a host computer through USB 2.0. A key feature of the new HDD duplicator/ docking station is the built-on LCD display, enabling users to monitor the progress of drive copying and navigate through advanced operating modes without having to connect the device to a computer. Thomson Reuters acquired Round Table Group, a provider of expert witness consulting services to litigators. Round Table Group will be aligned with the litigation businesses within the US Core Legal division. Round Table Group provides litigators with expert witnesses on hundreds of subject matters to assist them in pleading their cases. Verdatum announced the launch of its next generation BlackBerry dictation solution to address the limitations of all first-generation BlackBerry dictation solutions. An exciting first for the market is the application’s ability to replace dedicated, physical, dictation hardware by way of the built-in “Remote Control” and “Audio Import” capabilities. This is accomplished by simply connecting your BlackBerry to your PC running the Verdatum applications via USB or Bluetooth. is a website that seeks user-contributed reviews of products and services provided by vendors to the legal market. They recently announced new features that include Search Engine Optimization, instant notification of product updates and a product “News and Reviews” section to capture perspectives of journalists, industry bloggers and thought leaders. Please send product announcements to Peer to Peer the quarterly magazine of ILTA 29

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